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In the events, conferences
and exhibition environments there is potential growth for smaller conference
venues, by 2020 it is protected that conferences as a sector will bring in the
most income of all industry’s. This is good for smaller venues as thy will
become more popular and people will book smaller locations and venues rather
than smaller ones. Company’s usually hole smaller department meetings
throughout the year and would go to smaller venues rather than big ones as they
dint need a big venue although they may boo one large one once a year when the
company meets together for a annual meeting. However the increase of web
conferences will mean that venues will not be being used as often so there is a
decrees of venues be in booked however a growth in the mount of seminars and meetings
being held online. This will save on costs time and efficiently although more
energy will be used changing up electronica devises that the meetings are being
held although sometimes it is very important that people get the interaction
between there colleagues and co workers and get to see a facial reaction as you
cant see there reaction over a phone call and also cant see everyone’s reaction
which would be different face to face.


there has been an increase in the amount of people wanting/working from home, currently
over 4 million people work from home this may be due to the busy life styles of
people now a days and having to work at home whilst there children are at
school. Over the next few years it is estimated that the current number will
rise up by 20%, in a recent statistic we found that It drives employee efficiency as there are fewer
distractions, 30% said that working at home allowed them to accomplish more in
less time while 24% of those surveyed said they where able to accomplish almost
double the work in the amount of time. I think this is due to there being fewer
people to talk to and get distracted although I think it is very important to
people to ain people skills and interact and work as a team which they would
not get from working at home. I think that if they made a scheme where every so
often staff had to come and work from the office then this would keep there
people skill and interactions with colleagues regular. Overall I think that
this has a positive impact on the growth of events, conference and exhibition environment
as this means that it will be harder working ad still being able to come to the
office and interact with the company co workers and employees.


The Number of
businesses basic there company bases overseas is increasing as off shore
businesses tend to be cheaper, many business have taken the opportunity to move
the commonly base abroad which will save them money and help to contribute and
increase as a brown business. A popular destination where company’s move to is
India due to the cheap rates of buildings and staff which you would not find in
central London. Over more that 175,000 company’s over the past 2 years have
moved over seas. This will have a positive growth on
the events environment as this will mean that the rate o home workers will
increase if business decide to move there company’s abroad, however this will
have a negative affect on the industry also as venues, meetings, events and conferences
wont be held or hosted as they will do this where the company is based. In the
statistic chart below this shows the most popular off shore business
destination, India is the most popular with china and Malaysia following
closely behind.

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