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In the book Summer of the Monkeys the main character Jay Berry is determined to catch a 
bunch of extremely smart circus monkeys to get money which he can use to buy what he most 
wants; a .22 gun and a pony, but every time he sees his twin Daisy’s old crippled leg he feels 
bad, if he ever catches the monkeys he can only use his money on one; Daisy so she can get a 
surgery and fix her leg or himself so he can get a .22 and a pony. This story takes place at a fann 
in the tall Ozark Mountains. This affects the plot because monkeys are not found in areas with 
mountains therefore people who live in the mountains do not know how to catch monkeys. They 
only know how to catch animals such as squirrels, snakes, and wild hogs. 
The inciting incident of this story is when Jay Berry is in his bed and the storm starts up. 
The storm gets worse and worse and Jay Beny thinks that the storm could have killed or blown 
away the monkeys. After a while, the storm stops and the bottoms where the monkeys live are 
filled with puddles and there is no signs of monkeys, only the animals that were always in the 
Ozarks. Finally Jay Berry hears a cry. He follows the sound till he stops at A bank and behind the 
bank was a hole filled with wet monkeys. Jay Berry wiped them clean to show he was trying to 
help them and then he took them to his corn crib, let them dry, gae them and water, and gave 
them bed made of hay. When Jay Berry is about to buy his pny though it has a crippled leg, he 
thinks of Daisy and decides he will give the money to his mama and papa so they can use it to 
straighten Daisy’s crippled leg. 
The protagonist of this story is Jay Berry. The antagonists are Jimbo and his monkeys. 
The key supporting characters are mama papa grandpa and Daisy. I think Daisy would be the 
best Challenger student for she loves learning is patient and and is also very enthusiastic in 
everything she does. I think Jay Berry would be the worst Challenger student because he hates 
doing arithmetic and thinks that only stories with violence are stories for boys and the rest of the 
stories are girly. 

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