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Kmeans analysis is one of the main methods of data analysis and the k-means
clustering algorithm. The main technique that is used for many practical
applications. But the original k-means algorithm is computationally expensive
and the final storage depends a lot on the correction of the initial Centroids,
which are selected at random. Many improvements have already been proposed to
improve performance of k-means, but most of 
require supplementary inputs as inception values for the number of data
points in a set. This article proposes a new method to find the best initial
centroids and provide an efficient how to assign data points to appropriate
clusters. Reduce the complexity of time. This algorithm is easy to implement, and
improve the Kmeans efficiency which requires a simple data structure to
maintain certain information in each iteration to be used in next iteration.


in scientific data collection methods high dimensionality, insensitivity to
order of attributes, have resulted in the large scale accumulation of promising
interoperability and usability. Cluster analysis is a data pertaining to
diverse fields of science and one of the primary data analysis tool in the data
mining technology. Owing to the development of novel Clustering algorithms are
mainly divided into two techniques for generating and collecting data, the rate
of categories: Hierarchical algorithms and Partition growth of scientific
databases has become tremendous algorithms. A hierarchical clustering algorithm
divides Hence it is practically impossible to extract useful the given data set
into smaller subsets in hierarchical information from them by using
conventional database fashion. A partition clustering algorithm partition the analysis

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mining methods are data set into desired number of sets in a single step. Absolutely
essential to unearth implicit information from numerous methods have been
proposed to solve huge databases clustering problem. The most popular
clustering method CLUSTERING is an important tool for a variety of is k-means
clustering algorithm developed by Mac Queen Applications in data mining,
statistical data analysis, data in 1967. The easiness of k-means clustering
algorithm compression and vector quantization. Clustering is a made this algorithm
used in several fields division of data into groups of similar objects.

group the k-means clustering algorithm is more prominent consists of objects
that are similar between themselves since its intelligence to cluster massive
data rapidly and dissimilar to objects of other groups. From the efficiently.
But the computational complexity of the machine learning perspective,
Clustering can be viewed as original k-means algorithm is very high, especially
for unsupervised learning of concepts. Unsupervised large data sets. Moreover,
this algorithm results in machine learning means that clustering does not
depend different types of clusters depending on the random on predefined
classes and training examples while choice of initial centroids. The
effectiveness of a classifying the data objects.


process is to classify a given set of data in k number of disjoint clusters, in
which the value of k is set go ahead .The algorithm consists of two separate
phases: The first phase consists in defining k centroids, one for each group.
The next step is to take every point belonging to the data establish it and
associate it with the nearest centroid Euclidean distance .It is generally
considered that determines the distance between data points and centroids. When
all the points are included in some clusters, the first step is completed the
initial group is ready. At this point we must recalculate the new centroids,
since the inclusion of new points can lead to a change in the group’s
centroids. Once you find new k centroids, a new link will be created between
them data points and the new centroid closer, generating a cycle.

a result of this cycle, k centroids can change them position gradually. In the
end, a situation be reached where the centroids no longer move. This indicates
the convergence criterion for grouping.


k-means clustering algorithm Input:

= {d1, d2… dn} //set of n data items. k // Number of desired clusters

A set of k clusters.


Arbitrarily choose k data-items from D as
initial centroids;

Repeat assign each item di to the cluster
which has the Closest centroid; Calculate new mean for each cluster;

Until convergence criteria is met.

appears to give partitions which are reasonably efficient in the sense of within
class variance, corroborated to some extend by mathematical analysis and
practical experience. Also, the k-means procedure is easily programmed and is
computationally economical, so that it is feasible to process very large
samples on a digital computer.

ALGORITHM (Improvised Kmeans Algorithm)


 D = {d1, d2… dn} // set of n data elements

 K // Number of desired clusters


 A set of k clusters.



1: determine the initial centroids of the groups for using algorithm 3.

2: assign each data point to the appropriate clusters for using algorithm 4


k-Means algorithm is advanced with a first the paradigm, followed by an
advanced k-means algorithm. The improved k-sign algorithm can be used to
determine the cluster centroid. The investigative results are discussed for the
Kmeans the algorithm must take the time for which the complexity is greater
different data set. The resulting clusters of the normal K-Means distribution
the algorithm is presented. The normal distribution data Points are taken to
easily implement and take the steps of convenient for our data sets. The number
of clusters and data the points are given by the user during the execution of Program.
The number of data points is 1000 and the number of the cluster data is 10 (k =

The algorithm is repeated
to allocate times for efficient output. The cluster centres (centroids) are
calculated for each cluster average value and cluster are formed depending on
the distance between the data points. For different input data points, the
algorithm provides different types of output. 
Improved k-means is better than k-means in 

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