Introduction: entire system. One of such is

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Introduction: The Service Efficiency

Studying at the college involves a number of issues that require considerable care of the college administration and provide an efficient work of the entire system. One of such is the issue of returning phone calls to the college students, which has grown quite essential, since, even with the advent of a high-tech era, people still might fail to receive a phone call and need a certain feedback from the institution which they applied to, e.g., the university or college. Once failing to return a call, a student is likely to miss certain essential information, which will hinder his/her progress. Hence, it seems that the issue of returning phone calls to the college students remains the problem that has to be dealt with.

The Issues to Be Covered

It is essential to outline the major issues that one is most likely to encounter when solving the given issue. It is necessary to admit that the college administration has to face certain limitations when trying to get in touch with the students. Among the most widespread ones, there is fact that there is actually no person responsible for solely delivering the information to the students. According to what Moore (2009) says, “midway through the semester faculty, counselors, or advisors contact students who show signs of academic difficulty” (p.

31), yet the author clearly shows that there is no medium for transmitting messages from a student to the college or vice versa.

Offering Solutions: I See the Light

Among the most obvious ones, the necessity to hire a receptionist who is going to answer the phone calls of the students is obvious. With the assistance of a professional, one is likely to obtain the required results In quite short time. Moreover, it can be suggested that with a specific person assigned for the given job, the process of receiving back calls is going to be more orderly. The second solution presupposes that the students should offer several phone numbers of theirs, including the mobile phone numbers.

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The Research Methods

Obviously, one of the most fruitful methods for the given research is collecting the data on the lack of college administration efficiency based on the questionnaires for students. In addition, it is required to offer a statistic data on a number of calls that have not been returned to the administration (McCellan & Stringer, 2009). Hence, the most objective data will be obtained.

Conclusions: The Probable Suggestions

It is necessary to mark that, according to the data mentioned above, the problem of returning calls to the college administration or the staff is rather complicated and requires thorough considerations and immediate solutions. Once tackling with the given issue, one is most likely to solve the problem once and for all. Hence, certain suggestions concerning the ways to resolve the issue are to be offered. There is no doubt that, once applying into practice the suggested means of solving the problem, the college administration is likely to succeed in receiving the back calls from students. Hence, it is obvious that specific personnel should be hired to deal with the issue of student calls.

Once offering an efficient solution to the given problem, not only will the college administration help the students to convey their ideas and demands to the college staff, but also display keen interest in productive relationships with the students, as well as demonstrate its care.

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