(ii) sites of World Health Organization. (iv)

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(ii) Weather forecasting through geographical information system (GIS) for agricultural production, water resource management etc.

(iii) Collaboration, communication and coordination among environmental scientists for decision-making.

(iv) Simulation of environmental scenarios for analysis, prediction, decision making and development activities.

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(v) Disaster management in calamity-hit areas by extracting information.

(vi) Biodiversity conservation for mapping and monitoring various natural resources -flora and fauna.

(vii) Exploring the possible availability of crude oils, gold mines, metal ores, and geothermal power sources etc. using Remote Sensing Information System (RSIS).

(viii) Optimum selection of sites for railways or industry etc.

The applications of it in human health :

Some of the applications in which IT is playing important role for a better human health are listed below:

(i) Bioinformatics is used in Human Genome Project (HGP) to create a map of entire set of genes (genome) in the human cell by decoding the three billion units of human DNA.

(ii) Help and expert opinion can be obtained from expert doctors of any part of the world through telemedicine.

(iii) Information on health, epidemics and their prevention is maintained on web sites of World Health Organization.

(iv) Dates of immunization and sanitation programmes are transmitted to public using television, computers, satellite communication etc.

(v) Through electronic media; dengue fever, bird flu and other epidemics are brought to the attention of people.

(vi) Health training is imparted using satellite communication system.

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