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(i) Level of ability to work, and (ii) Level of motivation. While the ability of the sales force is governed by education and training, willingness to perform can be affected by the factors influencing sales force behaviour.

The sales manager of any organisation is considered successful when he is able to create enthusiasm, loyalty and interest otherwise known as motivation within the sales force. A thoroughly motivated sales force, in fact, is able to achieve greater selling efficiency in the form of higher sales volumes. Thus, a sales manager is able to get the best out of the sales force only through motivation. A motive is an idea, a need, or an emotion within an individual which incites it to action. It is also the impulse or urges that influences the will and compels it to action.

It can be aroused by some external influence or incentive or stimuli. Such motivation for the salesforce is highly essential in order to put the firm on the road to progress and prosperity.

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