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During 1998-99, the Institute has conducted a number of educational and management development training programmes.

Testing and U.N. certification:

Nearly 900 items were tested for UN Certification and 7000 other samples were tested by the Institute at its facilities at Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and Chennai.

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Four certificates were issued by the Eastern Regional Centre as per Australian Wool Corporation/New Zealand specifications for the testing of wool samples for exports.

Training programmes/seminars:

The Institute continued to pass on its expertise to the industry personnel by way of conducting seminars and training programmes at all the four centres of the Institute.

Under the intensive training course at Mumbai and Calcutta, during the year, as many as 47 participants including 14 overseas participants from developing countries under India’s International Assistance Scheme, such as the Colombo Plan, the SCAAP and the ITEC were benefited.

As many as 24 executive development programmes were conducted by the head office and three regional centres of IIP. The programmes were spread over various industry/commercial centres all over India. The number of cen­tres covered is 18 and a total of 860 industry delegates benefited from such programmes.

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