Importance needs and rights or by environmental degradation,

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Importance in disaster management Though Population pressures can also increase vulnerability to disasters, by forcing  people onto marginal land or areas of greater risk, creating agricultural land crisis, by contributing to household poverty, by increasing crisis on many basic needs and rights or by environmental degradation, excessive pressure on employment, structural housing, reducing educational availability for all. Increasing access to rights-based family planning programmes can reduce population-related pressures and increase resilience. Population dynamics affect not only our overarching development objectives – poverty reduction, human wellbeing and living standards – but also have a strong impact on the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Success in eliminating food insecurity and hunger; ensuring a sustainable use of land, forests, oceans and ground; ensuring universal access to clean, safe and affordable energy; building sustainable and livable cities and communities; and reducing natural and man-made disasters are strongly and inseparably linked to population dynamics But for turning all of these over population into resources, there need to effective policies and initiative. Here are some recommendations and process how  to turn these population into human source or man power to manage disastrous event.?Consider the special needs population: In every phase of disaster management, the special population like elderly, children, women, disabled and other physical impaired people should be treated specially. It is necessary for effective disaster management. Population dynamics is observed also for realizing the increasing population needs. It ensures  the accurate number of people and their different needs at the time of disaster.?Migration/immigration: It  is a natural process where normally surplus manpower released from the rural sector is needed for urban industrial growth. Although migrant poor in cities gain greater employment and cash-earning opportunities, they face intense competition and scarcity in meeting their basic needs. By transferring people another countries increases  foreign remittances. In context of Bangladesh , which is 1285.59 USD million in march of 2016.?Urbanization and economic development: There are adverse effect of urbanization, but without this no country has reached its developmental level. The structural mitigation can be reduced the effects of disaster like flood, typhoon, storm and river bank erosion.  But policies should be ensured to safe, sound and clean urbanization.?Turned into human resources: By given all people well training and proper technical or vocational education, making people human resources which is helpful for disaster management. For that reason, education and training should be mandatory in at grass root level.?Increased collaboration between the government and local people? The engagement of civil society and international aid: A country’s demographic development demonstrates the importance of strong governmental commitment accompanied by the engagement of civil society and international aid.?The engagement of disaster management activities: At the four phases of emergency management, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery phase people play an important role to disseminate information towards victims, evacuate, quick recover and reconstruction shelter and eliminate sufferings and finally raise awareness among people.? The participation of NGOs and Private Sector: If more people can participate in NGOs and Private Sector, the programs of  health, Nutrition and Population sectors, motivational works and services particularly for the poor and other vulnerable groups and community reduce the impact of disaster.?Engagement in defense: Large Population makes it possible to mobilize enough people to defend the integrity of the country in times of war and any other emergencies.?.  Environmental sustainability: shortage of housing, poor water supply and sanitation facilities, air pollution etc are constantly affecting environment. Strengthening social afforestation programs in villages and take appropriate steps to create a pollution free environment in all towns and cities, Reducing vehicular pollution by implementing appropriate law, Regulating the growth of slums and  encourage  environment  friendly  activities,  Supporting  the  programs  for  re-excavation  of canals and ponds in rural area and to undertake measures against soil and river erosion etc are needed.

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