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Impact Of Blues MusicHave you ever wondered why people sing the blues ? The impact of blues is the most interesting tales of a music legacy .  Blues is known for its likeness to old African spirituals also known as “field hollers”. These songs they made up were based off years of slavery. Blues music is a mixture of joy and pain good and bad, blues music was made to show the deepest of emotions. The pain and the struggle in the blues is that universal pain that comes from having your heart broken. Most blues songs are not about social statements but more of a personal story coming from the heart, this makes them even more ingenuine, This is a explanation on how “Blues” music made a great impact on all kinds of caulters.. My main ideas on how to explain the importance of blues music and how much it mean to the culture. I feel like blues should be acknowledged more simply because of the impact it has had had on music. Blues music took over the south in a major way, it gave African Americans a voice and a way to show the pain they felt the struggle. There are more black blues artist than any other race and I feel like this was a big milestone for that African American community. Black women had a strong and soulful voice to express these sad song or there “Blues”.The first blues records to ever be recorded was made by black woman. Black women had the perfect strong vocals to embrace the sound of Blues. There are a plethora of African American women that have made a name for their self in the art of blues music such as Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, Nina Simone and other well known singers. I feel like around that time of blues first  beginning African American women had a lot speak about in a lot of pain held inside just waiting to express and let it out, blues music was a outlet for them. There singing made it wonderful to listen to but there pain that they express on the songs made it sell millions worldwide.If you are still wondering why people sing the blues then I am happy to elaborate on the concept of blues music. Blues has made a number of music genres possible today because of its influence such as jazz. Blues is the heart and soul of southern music and should be recognized for that. Over the years blues music have died down but the Legacy will never be erased. Blues also has a variety of instruments that gives it that kick it needs I will also be getting into that.A lot of people I don’t know the origins of blues music and where it came from.blues music originated in the more down south regions like Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. With those different states there are also different types of blues music and different sounds to it. There are different blues styles such as Mississippi Deep South, Texas Blues and east coast blues. For example  Mississippi Deep South Style is a more smooth low tempo type of music the main choice of instrument is the guitar and a soft voice. Texas Style Blues is mostly recognized for having a raspy man voice screaming about his sorrows over a well played piano. Louisiana and East Coast style blues music is and based around brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas and trombones.February 26th 1917 is generally acknowledged as the first recording of jazz music being released. Jazz music is a spin off of blues music, jazz is a more happy and upbeat creation from blues music. New Orleans is the place where jazz all started around the late 19th century while the rest of the work was marching to military orders the people of New Orleans where flooding the streets with the sound of jazz. As for the first person to ever play a jazz song well that would be Buddy Bolden he played all kinds instruments from trumpets to trombones. Blues music was at its peak 18th century, over the years it has died down not to many people still listen to blues music you’ll just hear it being played in art museums or s visit to your grandparents house. These days our generations listen to Rap, R&B and Pop music with all these domenet genres blues music has became a thing of the past. Even tho blues isn’t as popular as it used to be its still used in everyday song these little snips of blues that are added to songs are call samples. These samples help incorporate blues music into the sound of Rap and R specifically, it’s normally a sample of a blues singer over a track. This shows you that no matter how old blues may be it will always be part of music in some way. Blues music has seen the height of its potential and will honestly never hit that peak again but some people say that blues music is completely dead and I highly disagree because blues music is in every song you here no matter what genre it may be. Every song that has been put out is influenced by blues or jazz music in some type of way, rap music is a big example of how blues music is still incorporated into music. The blues influence on the song may not be in the lyrics but most of the time the influence is within the beat, these are called samples this is when you take snips of different sounds or different music and incorporate them into the beat. The samples May consist of a Blues singer in the background or maybe just instruments that are usually used to give music that blues vibe or  sound. The younger Generations may not understand how blues is put into their songs but a trained ear would know when they hear a B.B King sample.However I could understand how many people may think that blues is dead, if you have never heard a recent blues song but just know of the history then yes I can understand how that is considered “dead”. Younger Generations only think what they hear now is what’s been around but we can’t blame them because how could they know about the greatness and the impact of Blues Music if nobody ever taught them. They should be educated on things like this considering it is a part of history and change the music forever. Famous Blues musicians should be taught in schools everywhere because of such a movement they I feel like they deserve more recognition for their musical talents. I fully understand the perception of Blues being “dead” and no longer being used in today’s music at all it’s not that they are being ignorant towards the arts it’s a lack of education on the subject. I know you’re probably asking yourself can blues music make a come back, I feel as if blues could make a comeback into today’s music. Blues music has a wonderful sound to it and could easily adapt to today’s music it is a timeless genre that has produced many of classics and with today’s technology could create and something even better. This would make younger Generations more interested in blues music and its origin of how it became this new style of music that they’re currently listening to. This could also help when somebody is going through something in their life blues music can express that pain and sympathize with you these emotional characteristics brought to a younger audience that may be going through a lot could really open their eyes to what genre really means. All in all a recreational blues music I would be a major comeback for the genre and also would educate a lot of people on what blues music does.I covered how blues music has made an influence on rap music but another genre that is heavily influenced by Blues as a rock and roll. Rock and roll music and blues music are very similar in a lot of ways one such as the instruments that they use to make the music rock music is mainly used with guitars and drums the sound that makes up blues music is heavily based on guitars. People such as Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones were heavily influenced by the sound of Blues some may say in the Rolling Stones was more of a blues group than a rock because of heavily influenced sound they got from Blues. The Rolling Stones musical influence when it came to Blues was Chuck Berry and Muddy water, multiple elements and rock provides common Blues qualities. Rock and Roll has descended the sound of blues music into a whole different bracket and I feel as if it mainly lives on through the sounds of Rock and Roll, rock stars are truly the modern day blues artist. Kris Kristofferson once said “Feelin good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues” this goes to show you how impactful blues music had to be to make you feel like God himself would break down in a musical rant of pain to get his emotions across. There are a lot of ways to express how you feel but not one of those ways can compare to crying out you hurt In a blues song. Muddy Waters made a song called “Baby Please Don’t Go” this song speaks of him being separated from the women he loves “Baby, please don’t go down to New Orleans you know I love you so before I be your dog I get you way’d out here, and let you walk alone. The struggle of him having to leave his one true love is heart shattering but at the same time so relatable and can be share for years on in because everyone goes through heartbreak. Impactful music is always music you can play 25 years from now and still would hit home, people would still feel like it’s a great genres blues music will always be and big part of the growth in music.  Although Blues is a big part of music it is not responsible for all forms of music mainly the newer generations. These new and different types of music have no aspects of Blues in them whatsoever such as dubstep, blues music is relax, storytelling, emotional and most times heartbreaking while on the other hand dubstep is just robotic sounding noise. Dub step requires note instrument whatsoever and no talent to make it all you have to do is find a computer and make random or sorted sounds, this has not influence of Blues or any other genre it’s in the lane of its own. The birth of blues means a lot to the musical arts but you have to remember blues was made so long ago and not everyone is into it so yes there are bound to be other types of music that completely skipped over the blues influence. Not everyone knows the story of blues music and what it did to music but you can be sure that they have heard the word blues music being mentioned before. Almost every genre of popular music today has, in one way or another, been influenced by blues music. Jazz rhythm and blues, gospel, country and rock are just a few of the styles that owe much of their progression and style to blues music. This statement came from PCS Blog and I completely agree with them on how so many genres are here because of that little touch of blues or what music jazz influenced because of its sound, jazz is also tired to blues so that just makes the impact it had even faster. Not to mention blues is nationwide you can go to a wide variety of places and have people who know of blues or used to but surrounded by its music back at its peak. Not to many places play things like dubstep or gospel but blues is just so identifiable that even someone who has never heard blues could figure it out just based off what they heard. From old negro spiritual to timeless music blues has came a long way and has had a lot to prove to all caulters black, white and all the others. Blues what a black man’s toon the sound of struggle and pain coming from the African American soul. It has evolved so much within the past years that even white people have adapted the sound of blues and made rock. We never lost blues as a race at all just like whites created rock and roll with that art of blues we made jazz, rap, gospel and all kind of great genres. Nobody in the world can deny the impact blues had from the east coast to down south blues shared its pain with the world from cheating husbands to struggling families the blues told it all, in conclusion I feel like blues has made a amazing impact on the black caulter and all music groups alike blues is truly and amazing creation “The blues is the roots of all American music”.

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