Control to play the role of leading.

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Control mechanisms are utilized by business organizations in order to have successful management of the businesses. The control mechanisms provide an avenue along which the managers move to bring up the level of productivity, boost innovation, and to ensure there are shared values and beliefs in the company. One of the control mechanisms that have been successfully used by the Boeing Company is the “employee incentive programs”. According to Bateman and Snell (2009), “employee incentive programs” are utilized in order to control employee productivity and this is carried out by encouraging the employees and giving them rewards for their hard work. The Boeing Company has taken an initiative to offer rewards as well as incentives to its employees. Among these incentives offered by the company include; “health insurance, vacations, wellness programs, and retirement benefits’ (“Boeing”, 2011). In addition, the company also offers limited legal and financial advice to the employees at without charging them any fee.

As a result of the implementation of these programs by the company, the employees have achieved satisfaction and this has made it possible for it to effectively carry out the management functions of organizing and controlling on human capital. It is of great importance for any manager of an organization to raise the level of “employee incentives” and lead. Indeed, those business managers who are effective have also the ability to play the role of leading. The management is offered with precious opportunities by such mechanisms (employee incentives). This control mechanism tool will develop the capability of the manager to have power over the employees and also facilitate the company’s growth. Leading, as a function of management, operates together with employee incentives and this is for the reason that incentive programs give encouragement to the employees in a number of ways. Through these programs, the employees will be in a position to feel appreciated and at the same time, there will be increased motivation among the employees as well as increased productivity.

It is quite vital for the management of an organization to make use of this control mechanism at the time it is making an effort to lead and this is because; employees want their great efforts in their work to be rewarded. In essence, working with motivated employees makes it easier for the management to carry out its functions. It will be easier for the management to plan for activities in the organization with an assurance that they will be effectively carried out.

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More so, controlling, organizing and coordinating of the activities will be effective. This is the reason why the Boeing Company has been successful in its operations through the use of the employee incentive programs as a control mechanism. Therefore, it can be concluded that, all organizations’ management should make use of the control mechanisms. Such control mechanisms as “employee incentive programs” is the means that is used to ensure there is motivation and enthusiasm among employees. This offers several benefits to the organization and its management as well as to the employees.

The “employee incentive programs”, as a control mechanism, has a great positive impact on the management functions, especially the function of leading. This function is given a positive instrument for development and transformation by the control mechanism of employee incentives. Through the use of this control mechanism (employee incentive programs) in an effective way, the Boeing Company’s management has been able to perform its functions effectively.

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