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Imagine being given a choice, to do something that in the end, wakes and possibly protects not just the U.S but potentially the whole world, but in exchange you leave your family, friends and your whole life. That means you can’t talk to your friends or family, your whole world is gone, crumbling and you’re aware of it, can’t call your Mom or Dad or any family members to say you love them, totally unaware of what happens in their lives or if they’re even alive. Got a problem and you need someone to just vent to? Well you’re out of luck. Or you just sit back and keep your mouth shut forever knowing you could’ve changed the world exponentially. On May 20th 2013 Edward snowden was given this option, and he chose to do what was best for everyone and leave his family and wife.(CNN Library).(Pathos) He flew to Hong Kong leaving his whole life and his job working for the NSA behind, and on May 24th he sent an email to Barton Gellman of The Washington Post requesting he write an article about PRISM, a NSA surveillance program that gathers information from Facebook, Microsoft, Google and many more.(CNN Library) You’re probably wondering why this matters. This is why Edward Snowden is a hero, the definition of hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” Any individual that would give up his freedom for the protection of others falls under the category of “outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”Edward Snowden leaked an alleged 1.5 million documents from the NSA.(Business Insider) Using those alleged 1.5 million documents, he woke up not just America but almost the whole world to illegal surveillance. That leak caused many public reactions such as press coverage, lawsuits, investigations, rallys and peaceful protests. (The Courage Foundation)One of those rallys was called the Restore the Fourth rally, which was held in more than 80 cities and in every US state on July 4th 2013.(The Courage Foundation) There were legislative reforms as well, in fact there were multiple reforms with few that permanently succeeded. One that succeeded temporarily was the USA Freedom Act, which was blocked soon after in a vote by the Senate. Although, on June 19th 2014 the House of Representatives defunded two major NSA surveillance programs, banning searches of Americans’ communications without warrants. (The Courage Foundation) The UK the Dutch Parliament, Brazil Senate, he European Parliament and so many more had legislative reforms as well.(Logos) Edward Snowden shaked the whole world because everyone knew, having people investigated like that just isn’t right. (Ethos) Snowden, knew that just isn’t right so he chose to save the world, like a hero would do, but with no superpowers just common sense and a genuine desire to do good.Edward Snowden is a hero, however it is easy to see why someone would think he’s not a hero. For one, when he released those documents he set off a state of civil unrest and fear. Imagine hearing that you’re possibly being watched, and all of your personal moments, confessions of love, personal conversations, cries, the art you’ve taken a picture of was recorded. You would be scared, anyone would be, you would constantly wonder who’s watching you what’s happening. The way he leaked the documents was reckless, if there is anything in those documents detrimental to the security of the U.S he would be responsible for it, he should’ve found a way to expose the wrongs of the NSA. The exposé on the NSA damaged the relations between the USA and numerous countries, such as Brazilian officials for eavesdropping on their president.Edward Snowden is a hero, he risked his life and freedom to expose those documents and help the world, what he did, changed the world’s view on surveillance, causing everyone to change and view all of their laws differently to protect the citizens of their country.

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