“I’ll very sentimental and generous. I chose

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“I’ll follow this good man and go with you and having sworn truth, everwill be true.

” (Act IV, Scene 3, line 32) “My kind Antonio, I can nolonger answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever oft good turns.” (ActIII, Scene 3, line 14) “My bosom is full of kindness, and I am yet so nearthe manners of my mother that, upon the least occasion more, mine eyes will telltales of me.” (Act II, Scene 2, line 39) These three quotes from Sebastianportray his character. These quotes show us that Sebastian is a kind and honestman. They show the softer side of his character. They show us that he can bevery sentimental and generous. I chose the quotes because I thought theydescribed his best qualities.

Olivia “Plight me the full assurance of youfaith, that my most jealious and too doubtful soul may live at peace.” (ActIV, Scene 3, line 26) “Stay. I prithee tell me what thou think’st ofme.” (Act III, Scene 1, line 140) “So did I abuse myself, my servant,and, I fear me, you. Under your hard construction must I sit, to force that onyou in a shameful cunning which you knew none of yours. What might youthink?” (Act III, Scene 1, line 115) These quotes portray Olivia as aninsecure person. She is always worrying about what others think of herespecially Viola/Cesario/Sebastian.

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She is jealous and doubtful of Viola’s/Cesario’s/Sebastian’slove because Viola/Cesario always talked of the Duke Orsino’s love for Olivia,but now Sebastian is going to marry her. This makes her insecure because she nolonger knows what to think of the situation. I chose these quotes because theyshow her insecurities and her longing for love at the same time. Sir Toby Belch”Come, sir, I will not let you go. Come, my young soldier, put up youriron.

You are well fleshed. Come on.” (Act IV, Scene 1, line 38)”Marry, I’ll ride your horse as well as I ride you. I have his horse totake up the quarrel. I have persuaded him the youth’s a devil.” (Act III,Scene 4, line 301) “Now will not I deliver his letter..

.this letter willbreed no terror in the youth…but, sir, I will deliver his challenge by word ofmouth.” (Act III, Scene 4, line 192) These quotes show us that Sir Toby isa conniving, untruthful man.

He persuades people to dislike each other so theycan be his entertainment. He likes a good quarrel, not necessarily to partake inone, but to watch one from afar. He lies and cheats to get what he wants. Ichose these quotes because I feel that they show us the true nature of Sir Toby.English Essays

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