???????????????????????????????????IGN» Bedside???????????????????????????????????Age» 14???????????????????????????????????Timezone» GMT+11???????????????????????????????????Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?» Yes, I have both.???????????????????????????????????Do you have a good quality mic?» Yes, I do.???????????????????????????????????How many hours can you put on the server per week» On the weekdays I can play around 4-6 hours, on weekends I can play for 7-10 hours.???????????????????????????????????Are you staff on any other servers currently?:» No???????????????????????????????????Why should we pick you as a staff member?:I feel like I should be chosen as a staff member because I have a lot of experience dealing with players, talking with players, and finally assisting players. I know how to properly screen share someone without help. I have a working screen recorder and good render quality, I record my bans in case the player comes into Teamspeak complaining he got ‘False Banned’ then I will show him the proof of him cheating.Maturity » I may be only 15 But I know how to moderate a server. I am not afraid to talk to people in Teamspeak nor deal with a situation. I will follow the rules to the best expectation without little to no problems.Speedy » I am the type of worker to get the task and work straight away. I do not doddle around and do nothing. Wasting time is not a thing I do in my everyday life because it is completely pointless. If I receive staff I will make the most of my time. I will quickly get right into working with the community.Experienced » I have been staff on numerous servers. I am not new to any communication program whether it being slack, discord, telegram etc. I will understand the basic rules and restrictions as a staff member.Respect » As a staff member I will be loyal to the community and I will not disobey fellow staff members of people of the network. I will be full ears open to criticism to make me a stronger staff member.Responsible » As a staff member you must be a loyal member of the network to keep your permissions/tags. I am always loyal to every server to staff on even if I personally don’t like the network. I am on every day and receive nothing but good messages when I am staff. I like to help out the community by being there when a hacker is approaching them. When a player is in Teamspeak needing urgent help. Or when a player is confused and needs help on the forums.Dedication » Throughout every server that I have been staff on not once have I abused in any shape or form. I am a legit staff member and when it comes to resignation I do not put up a fight or make people feel sorry for me. I simply say goodbye and leave. I am a simple guy not to mention chill. I do not act as a staff manager as a trial mod. I am a funny guy to hang out with but there is a time to joke around and a time to be mature. I do a series of both and still get my work done to the best of my extent.Organised » I like to keep all of my forum posts/bans to be organized. Throughout the forums I keep it mainly on one topic and if not I private message people. I record all of my bans so if he comes in Teamspeak to state he did not hack I can prove him guilty. Not to mention I try to clean the server from hackers as best as I can.Observant » I consider myself a leader, not a follower. But if I see a high ranked staff member doing something so sufficiently a screen share I am likely to do it myself. I enjoy learning new ways to do something such as screen share. I know the basic way of screen sharing someone but if I see a more efficient way I am going to try it.???????????????????????????????????» Do you have any previous staff experience? (If yes, on what servers and what ranks):» Yes, I have had 3 Previous Experiences worth mentioning (Have had more but all dead or non-existent servers) Although it’s not much I have learned many things about being a staff memberDeltahcf » Owner I got owner after Azut sold the server to Subby I got a good release but my second map I quit due to having school and not enough funds to keep it up.Veltpvp » Trial-ModI got accepted on Velt before there big updates but was demoted forcing with a mod but I did find vape on the player’s computer, I learned a lot from my experience in screen sharing and respect.SolitudeHCF » Mod SolitudeHCF was an-okay server I wouldn’t say it had the best management but it got players, it got around 20-60 players but I resigned after one of the owners was being toxic and disrespecting the community???????????????????????????????????Have you ever been punished on our network?:» No, not that I know of.???????????????????????????????????» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?:If I get assigned a task I will finish it to the best of my abilities. I like to work alone because I am a sufficient independent worker but I always will allow me to work with someone. I do prefer to work solo because I will not have any distractions. However, if someone needs to talk to me about something that I did whether it was good or bad I am fully open to that talk and will not disrespect a fellow staff member. You will not have to worry about me abusing towards anyone because I myself am a loyal player in the community.???????????????????????????????????Additional information:» Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots of staff experience but Azut knows I owned Delta due to the fact we have talked in the past about it.???????????????????????????????????? ?

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