If much longer they had on this earth?

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If we were immortal, we would simply postpone every activity and action.

If we do this, then what is the meaning to life? Each day we live we simply be boring, making no motivation to live a full life at all. We average around 27,365 days to live per person. This does not mean however that we are guaranteed all these days. Our lives could end in 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 years but we will never know that. This scary thought is motivating enough to accomplish our dreams and do all we can while we can.  Once one gets used to postponing actions, one becomes lazy and then being lazy becomes a habit.

Some actions cannot be postponed and if we do not act on them immediately our chance to do it may be gone.  For this reason, it is very important to do as much good as possible in as short amount of time possible, given that we do not know how much longer we will have on this earth.How different would people live their lives if they were to know exactly how much longer they had on this earth? One could argue that this expiration date on life might motivate them to live more fully. Most people work best with deadlines. If one were to have a deadline on life, procrastination would be much less relevant. Death however is different that your typical deadline.

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Death is more serious because it is the deadline to all goals and achievements one can ever have.  Death reveals to us that life is fragile and cannot be taken for granted, which in return prompts us to live a fuller life. The importance of recognizing death is very important. Without death life has no importance.

If one had the chance to live forever would they? Hopefully their answer is no because if one live forever, they would have no reason to do anything. The fact that everyone dies one day gives us motivation to live. Without death life has no purpose. Death is a very easy thing to happen and life is supper fragile.

If we recognize these things, we will have more motivation to live a fuller life. Birth and Death are two certain for all living creatures. While we celebrate birthdays with cakes and balloons, thoughts of death fill most people with dread. Would we feel better about it if it was something we could plan for? Part of the darkness surrounding death is that unlike birth we don’t know when its coming.

Very few can plan for it, but what if we all could? If everyone knew the exact day they were going to die, one could imagine that most people would try to escape it. Would one not be constantly going to the doctor seeing if they could pick up on an illness earlier enough to change ones fate? What if ones deaths were predetermined from day one?  A lot of people live reasonably standard lives. They slip into the daily grind and have no drive to step out of it. Many people put dieting off until tomorrow. Some people never get around to writing that book. If one knew exactly how many tomorrows one had left, wouldn’t one start actually doing something about it today? Some people get so caught in the daily grind, that they forget to be the best versions of themselves. If one actually knew when they were going to die, they would have a better idea of their personal time scale and have a fine appreciation of living in the now.

 When push comes to shove, humans tend to value their own lives higher than money or consumer goods. If we knew we were dying in a year would we buy that new lamp, or that new iphone? Why would we even bother going to work? Time is precious, especially when you can see the last few grains slipping through the neck of the hourglass. While this newfound appreciation of our time would be great and freeing for us, it would be difficult for society to function the way it does now. We may have to live much more sustainable lives, as who would actually be working at the grocery store?Think you would spend your time traveling and seeing the world? Well great but how would you get there without train drivers or pilots? These people would be more concerned with their own mortality than going to work.

If we knew when we were going to die, we might see an increase in crime. What good is punishment if you already know your number has been called. If we knew we were going to die the next day, who would actually follow the law leading up to that day?There are actually some people who roughly know when they are going to die. Terminally ill people are often given weeks, months or even a year left to live. They know their own expiration date and can say their goodbyes accordingly.  The only problem is, by this time they are already ill and there is no certainty as to their mental state on their last day on earth. Knowing your death date may make managing relationships easier. There would be nothing left unsaid, and perhaps we would know when to remove ourselves from toxic situations.

More than anything we would realize that life is to short. Ultimately, knowing our death date may drive us crazy. Unless it was something we were simple on knowing, so maybe that way we could find some sort of peace with it.

 If everyone knew their death dates however, not only the date of your death would affect your living, but the date of all your family and friends would affect your behavior too. If one still has years to live but their mother is dying in a couple days, one can imagine that those next couple of days would be spent grieving something that has yet to come. Knowing your death date could be a good indicator however of what your fate and destiny is. If one knew they were only going to live till age 30, the though of being the next president of the United States would never pop into their heads.

While a lot of people my age are stuck trying to figure out what it is they want to be in the future, this small piece of knowing could help steer us in the right direction. Knowing that this person will only live till they are 30 could help them get everything done that they have ever wanted to do. For instance, if parachuting over the Swiss Alps was on their bucket list, they could go get this done before age 30 and check that off their bucket list. While knowing your death date has many advantages, the disadvantages seem to outweigh them. As mentioned earlier, the though of dying one day is motivational for some to live every day to its fullest. Not knowing exactly how long one has left on this earth leaves them with the mystery and hope to fulfill each goal and dream as early as possible. Keeping ones death date a mystery is what permits the world to live the way we do today. Some things are better left unknown.

Life is something bigger than the human brain can understand. There is so much to it that we as humans don’t know and probably never will. Humans think they are big and the center of the universe when really we are so small.

Ants probably think they are big but we see them as small. The ants world is only as big as they see it. The ants don’t know as much as we do about this universe we live on. This causes one to think if there is something even bigger than us and to them we are the ants. We are a part of something so big that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

There could be something that looks at us the way we look at ants but we will never know. This is similar to the “Allegory of Cave.” In this allegory there are cave men that are forced to sit and stare at a wall in a cave and all they know to be true is what they can see from the shadows in the cave. For all they know that is the entire world is, but when you zoom out, you can see that really that cave is so small compared to this earth and there is so much that these cave men have been sheltered to. All in all, one can only find true meaning in life through failure and tragedy. We will only accomplish our dreams by putting ourselves out there and sometimes when we put ourselves out there we fail.

Failure is a necessary part of life as it is what makes us grow as a person. It makes it even more gratifying when we do finally accomplish that goal we have been striving and working so hard to get to. We experience tragedies in life that also shape us into the people we are today. Death is an example of tragedy. It is not only our own death that motivates us to live as much as we can while we can, but also the death of others that reminds us the fragility of life.

Without tragedy we take everything for granted and become spoiled and lazy. As discussed above, the knowledge of our personal expiration date could be useful in some ways however more then anything is a danger to our society as it could completely impact our outlook on life. 

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