If you haven’t at least heard of the Korean pop group BTS, a worldwide sensation who made appearances at both the BBMAs and AMAs with songs that debuted on the Billboard Top 40 Hot 100, then you’re probably living under a rock. The seven member group experienced their first charting hit in 2015 with I Need U from the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt. 1, and since then, have only seen increasing success and popularity with subsequent albums The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt. 2, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, WINGS, and then the repackage album WINGS: You Never Walk Alone. Recently, BTS released a new album, Love Yourself: Her, filled with new and refreshing songs of many different sounds and genres and part of what will come to be a four-part album series. BTS certainly lives up to expectations with Love Yourself and once again enrapture fans with their unique and interesting tracklist, but followers of BTS’s older, more hip-hop influenced sound may find themselves disappointed. The album starts off with a short but meaningful intro, Serendipity, sung by not the whole group, but just lead vocalist Jimin, whose sensual and mature vocals paired with smooth digital bass start off the album just right. Throughout the album, songs range from slower, more dramatic styles like the song “dimple”, to contemporary R and hip-hop tracks like “Mic Drop” and “Go Go”. Overall, BTS has come a long way from their humble roots. Not only has their popularity skyrocketed, but their music style has evolved quite a bit. Unlike Love Yourself, with its more pop, “mainstream” sound, its old albums were generally composed of hip-hop tracks, with the occasional R song as well. This isn’t to say that this is a bad change- many fans adore BTS’s new sound, and this newest album, Love Yourself: Her, definitely shows that change can be good with its solid tracklist and theme of self-love.

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