If CAD software which was used in my

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If I’m selected at my
chosen course, I plan to get involved as much as possible to gain some more

Although my grades might
not be applicable to the selected course now, I believe by the time I receive my
official results the grades given will be up to standard and hopefully meet the
entry requirements.

In addition, completing
the ‘Extended project Qualification’, the skills I obtained whilst I was
studying at that course could be further developed into my selected course. The
skills obtained were: Harvard Referencing, Scheduling (Weekly logs, Gannt
charts) and constructing a primary research

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I select this specific
university since I know that I will obtain an invaluable teaching, and that the
university will be appropriate to me as an individual & a student, allowing
me to develop both knowledgeably and socially.

 To extend my information of engineering I have
watched many programs, the program which interested me the most out of the
others was called ‘Grand Designs’ a popular program, it had a reputation which
was about designing and constructing a client’s dream home.

I am an inquisitive, thorough,
dynamic independent student who believes that a degree & a career is what I
aspire to have within my selected course (Mechanical Engineering). I am looking
forward to obtaining a degree in a stimulating and rewarding subject.

My willpower to surpass
is verified by attainments such as being selected to represent my secondary
school as a captain on numerous different occasions. Pursuing these
responsibilities have developed my communication and debating skills.

Being involved in sports
since I first started secondary school, I can say that it has helped me to grow
confidence, progress in teamworking and increasing motivational assistances.


My work experience
(Architecture) included a week with an engineer, in the interior design
section. Although architecture is close to engineering I learnt skills which
can be incorporated to the selected course, in this case it would be the use of
CAD software which was used in my work experience (AutoCAD). The experiences
and the feedback given by the mentor, persuaded me that I could pursue a career

Whilst I have been
enrolled at the University Technical College (UTC), which has a high reputation
in engineering, I have aided the college on many different occasions. I have
been involved in different activities which relate to engineering. A prime
example of this would be when I experienced the ‘f1 in schools’ project – this
was briefly about designing, constructing & manufacture a car for racing,
although this project didn’t go far as initially planned, I gained vital life
skills which could be enhanced later within my career and to my selected
course, skills such as communication and quick thinking was some of the skills
I developed within the project.

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