IDENTIFYING reflect his or her personality. However, the

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to the Faculty of

 Holy Cross of Bunawan, Inc.

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Partial Fulfillment

the Requirements for Grade 12                                           








According to Pascual, (2015) that attitude
is the most important factor of being a human or a person. Attitudes are a
belief and unique identity of a person, but attitude also create a negative
impact of a person’s life and may even cause it to fall apart. It will affect
the performance of a person, the way they handle anything and the way they
handle rejection as well.

of the major problems that is facing today’s generation, especially in
educational systems all over the world, particularly in Holy Cross of Bunawan
Inc., is the student’s attitudes or behaviors. Every individual has different
attitudes that reflect his or her personality. However, the question is that,
the attitudes of students in school and their permanent house is the same? Is there
any negative impact on student’s school adjustment? is there any changes? and
what is behind those issues. According to Krosnick, et al., (2015) is that, it
has generally been assume that prediction of behavior with each other is best
achieved by the understanding, identifying and measurement of cognitive

is widely accepted that the personality of an individual is develop because of
those traits we inherited combined with a set of life experiences. Individuals
use their cognitive and physical resources as tools to directly interact with
the world. Experience through trial and error coupled with feedback forms our
habitual methods use to achieve our goals. This process eventually shapes
people’s personalities. The life of a person’s is difficult to measure.
However, methods used to accomplish goals are measurable. This is how people
approach the world around them and interact with. The fast few decades have
enabled a world where people are interacting more and more through computer
interfaces. User profiling should be able to measure individual user’s habits
among with their cognitive skills and form a reasonably accurate assessment of a
user’s personality profile.

research is to determine how students interact with other people not just in
school but also to their individual houses, and it determined the capacity of a
student on how they maintain their attitude in a specific situation. Students
have different levels of motivation, different attitudes, different behaviors
and different responses to specific environments and instructional practices.
The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance
they have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all students particularly at
Holy Cross of Bunawan, Inc.











theory of learning and student behavior is focuses only on objectively
observable behavior and attitudes towards each other. It describes several
universal laws of behavior, in dealing with different kinds of person and
different kinds of attitudes from home to school. According to Walker et al., (1996)
the behavior of a person is a systematic approach needed with someone
attention, love, support and care not just in family, friends but also to their
love ones. In order to achieved satisfactory.

of behaviorism is a learning theory that only focuses in the behaviors of
different people and discounts any independent activities of our mind. Behavior
theorists define learning as nothing more than the acquisition of the new
behavior based on environmental conditions, the behaviorism theory indicates
the role of environmental factors in influencing behavioral change. Behaviorism
refers to the psychological approach, which emphasizes the behaviors of people.
The approach is only concerned with observable stimulus response behaviors, and
states all the behaviors are learn through interaction with other people and
especially with the interaction of our environments. Radical behaviorism is
also recognized the role of internal mental of a person.

Behaviorism is the ability to
define behavior clearly and to measure attitudinal changes. The law of
parsimony stated that, it is a simple explanation of human behavior from a very
specific situation. Behaviorism only provides a human behavior, which can be
objectively view. The important factors of behaviorism are the feelings of a
person, emotion, expectation and higher level of motivation. Cognitive
psychology is an approach of treatment of abnormal behavior and is readily use
in clinical psychology. Behavioral psychology is a theory of learning based in
the idea that we have different behaviors or attitudes as a human being in this
society it is acquired through conditioning. Conditioning occurs through
interactions of each other’s, interaction with our surroundings as well.
Behaviorists believe that our responses to environment and with other people
stimuli shape and action. Every individual have potential to perform any task,
regardless of genetic background and personality traits of a person as well as
the physical capabilities of a person. It only requires the positive behavior
and right conditioning of an individual to make a better living in this society.

One of the greatest strength of
behavioral psychology is to observe the behavior of other people. The weakness
of this approach is failing to cognitive and biological processes that
influence human action. Behavioral approach is a major impact on our
understanding of human psychology, conditioning processes also has been use to
understand the difference of other people, especially their behaviors to
specific situation and with other people as well. The techniques of behavioral
psychology can be play a powerful role in identifying problematic behaviors as
a person and it will encouraging to them to think positively and helping good
responses. The basic behavioral principles is to help them to make a better
person, teach new behaviors and think positively not negatively.





research aims to determine the students on how attitudes at school and at their
houses affect the character education in Grade 12 students of Holy Cross of
Bunawan, Inc. Many students spend a significant amount of time dealing with
different kinds of attitudes every day, particularly in school and at home.

depends on the student’s behavioral control may only be supported by its
educational value. It shows that lack of control or over control lead to positive
learning outcomes and can lead to a major source for disciplinary problems



The study is mainly focus on the following questions:

            1. Is
the attitude of students in school and their permanent house the same?

            2.  Is there any negative impact on student’s
school adjustment?

            3.  How students deal with different kinds of

            4.  How students deal with different kinds of

These are the possible questions regarding this





study is to know that all of us have different attitudes and behaviors as a person,
which reflects our personality. However, one of the most important factors in
helping yourself is to show your real attitudes not only in your house but also
in school in order for you to become a better person.

significant task for each individual is to help himself or herself to take on
the proper attitudes. Remember that a person whose heart is not in what he or
she is doing, but rather, he or she will never be half as productive as someone
who has the right attitudes.



The research was undertaken with the following

1.      Understand
individual’s attitudes and behaviors

2.      Determined
the real attitudes of a student

3.      Identify
positive and negative attitudes of a person

4.      To
differentiate the behavior of an individual in school and at home





study is for the Grade 12 students of Holy Cross of Bunawan, Inc. It focuses on
how Grade 12 students deal with different kinds of people and different kinds
of attitudes not just in school but also to their individual houses.

study should have 20 participants from grade 12 students, 10 students for boys
and 10 also for girls. This research aims to know what are the behaviors and
attitudes of a student in school and at home. The researcher observed student’s
behavior throughout the school and their perspective home, researcher
interviews the students about their attitudes in school and at home. The
researcher takes notes during interviews using the guide questions and
simultaneously, record or video the interviewers. Through these steps, we can
identify the behaviors of grade 12 students particularly in school and at home.

researcher has limited access to several electronic gadgets like computers,
laptops, Wi-Fi etc. internet connection as well and lastly source of
information. Through the help of our senior high school library, this study was
successfully made.



 Attitude –
Feelings or behavior of a person (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

– It is a theory that takes validation of behavior (B.F. Skinner 2007)

– To deal with and attempt to overcome problems, struggles and difficulties and
life. (Witten Brink, 2015)

– It is intended to correct our bad behaviors or to punish, in order to have a
good behavior. It is also relating to discipline. (Oxford Universal Dictionary)

– Empirical it is based on real situations of a person, through experience,
testing of skills and trying new and different activities. (Pascual 2015)

– It is a greater or higher attitude. (Krosnick, 2015)

– It is a different attitude, different behaviors and different people to meet
and communicate with each other’s. (Walker, 1996)

 Invariably – People have
different attitudes in every occasion, every situations and practices. (World
Book International, Inc.)

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