I feel that the curriculum of this particular

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I personally and professionally have good number of reasons which
culminated to motivate me and to choose Concordia University as next step in my pursuit of higher studies and
hence ultimately my final goals. I have chosen Master’s in Electrical and
Computer Engineering with Communication being by first preference and Software
Engineering as the next. In this letter I will address how I have prepared for graduate
studies, my degree goal, and why I think Concordia University will be a great fit for me. Firstly, I feel that the
curriculum of this particular master’s is just top notch. The division of the course
track into various specializations impressed me a lot as it gives a lot of
scope and direction to many of them who pick Engineering as their career.




I earned my undergraduate degree in Electronics & Communications at
Sathyabama University with grade ‘First Class with Distinction’ and I was among
the top 2% of the students in my class. Prior to my undergraduate degree, I have
been the topper in Mathematics and Physics at my high school. During my second
year in the undergraduate program, I served as the Student-Secretary of MATH
club. Also in my senior year, I organized a club ‘Wireless broadband technology
‘ at “National Level Technical Symposium” organized by ECE department. I
always enjoyed the practical aspects of my undergrad studies and that is one of
the reasons why my grades in Lab examinations averaged over 90%, the highest in
my class. I was a consistent performer in the class and was applauded for my
performance. I got an overall CGPA of 8.54 on the scale of 10 and stood 2nd in
my class.  I also had a chance of sharpening
my skills in programming languages like C and C++.

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I underwent Certificate course in “Embedded system design and advanced
electronic test engineering” conducted at Sathyabama University in 2013. Here I
became familiar with the system architectures. This exposed me to various types
of Communication protocols and latest trends involved in data transmission.

During the third and final year of my undergraduate program, I have done
an internship at ‘HCL Technologies’, where my prime focus was on System design
and Communication Protocols like ARINC429, AFDX and CAN. Here I gained practical
knowledge on how system design requirements are made. In my undergraduate
project I worked with Associate Professor Kavipriya, where we researched about
the milk categorization based on its quality and quantity by embedded system
using Zigbee that cumulated in a published paper entitled “Categorizing the Quality
and Estimating the Quantity of The Milk by Embedded System Using Zigbee”
in Bio-sciences Biotechnology Research Asia journal.


I got placed in two reputed MNCs Infosys and Cognizant Technology
Solutions. But, my interest in Electronics field led me to get into a
organization “Assystem Technologies India” which operates across major
industries like Automobiles and Aerospace. Currently I’m working as a Software
Engineer at ‘Assystem Technologies India Pvt.Ltd’ and it has been an ideal for
exploring my options and gaining the required knowledge. I have a good
knowledge and work experience on System Validation (Flight warning system),
Software-Hardware integration, High level and low-level requirements based



my bustling interest to pursue Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering,
I initially researched a lot about getting an M.Eng degree and build a career
around that. Pursuing master’s from a reputed University like Concordia with
some work experience seemed more beneficial in the long run. So I began to
retrospect and look for a balanced plan. Since I completed an engineering degree,
I felt I should first have some sort of transition and corporate experience so
that everything goes on as smooth as possible. Apart from these, there are
other small motives which played on my mind that helped me in my decision to
apply to Concordia University. One among them is that the fees at Concordia are
affordable to me. With regards to financial matters, Concordia University is
undoubtedly my best option.




Embedded Systems


System Design and Analysis

Software Engineering

Signal Processing


In my 2.5 year of work experience at Assystem Technologies India
Pvt.Ltd, I worked on multiple projects related to Data concentrators (Curtis
Wright) where I have learnt more about Signal processing and data communication
from one subsystem to other. I worked on system validation of Flight Warning
system (Airbus) which is a major avionics subsystem in an aircraft that will
detects system failures and dangerous aircraft configurations and alerts the
crew using attention getting devices and to guide them on recovery procedures.
I also worked on Rolls Royce Trent- 7000 Engine testing activity where I explored
more in ADA (Programming language)



Concordia University with its excellent research resource and
best minds in the industry make it a worthy destination for pursuing my masters.
Research facilities provided by university would definitely help in
strengthening my research skills. The curriculum of the course also encouraged
me to apply to your university. Mentor’s with whom I would like to associate
myself are    M.Omair Ahmad and Sofiene Tahar
whose research’s aligned with my interests specified above. Given my past experience of projects
and trainings in the field of embedded systems, I believe that I am a suitable
candidate for taking up the course work (M.Eng). My presence and contribution
to the university academic and social activities would be creditable. I believe
that my association with the university would be a fruitful one.




My immediate degree objective is a Masters in Electrical and computer engineering
primarily Communications, a consistently critical topic replete with
stimulating research focuses. I am confident that I can definitely put in my
bets and to do justice to my graduate program. I promise to put in my best efforts
with dedication and commitment. I am therefore putting forward this application
and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time

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