i) which only consists of natural resources raw

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i) Strength

analysis is a constructive technique for understanding the firm’s strength and
weakness, and for identifying both the opportunity and threats. Based on the
table above the strength in the SWOT Analysis of Splatter are customization,
eco-friendly and reduction of wastage. Splatter.com provide customization
feature for the customer such as providing various colour combination of crafty
crackle paint, this subject will be the centre of attraction for the customer
which will increase the demand of Splatters’ products. Furthermore, Splatter
paints are eco-friendly production which only consists of natural resources raw
materials. Thus, Splatter paints are free chemical and biodegradable that
allows the customers to consume the product without any restriction. Besides,
Splatter product are easily disposable that will encourage the consumer to
recycle the paint tin.

(ii) Weakness

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Weakness of
Splatter is market recognition, raw material substitution and third party
entering the market. Moreover, the company Splatter has a low recognition in the market environment
due to our new presence in business industry. Also producing paint does not
really require special training; therefore it would be easier for any
individual to produce paint as well. Additionally there is a minimal of raw
materials in the biodegradable paint products therefore lack of close
substitute for our raw materials are limited. Thus all these are minor weakness
for the company.

(iii) Opportunities

There is relatively no exact competition since Splatter
is the first chemical free paint that operates as online retailer. Besides,
there are a lot of advantages of online shopping thereby allowing customer from
other states to have access to our product. Furthermore, there are high chances
of receiving support from the government because,  it would serve as a platform to develop
government project as one it is a biodegradable product and second because it
is chemical free.

 (iv) Threats

Since Splatter
is one of the only chemical free paint companies present in Malaysia,
competition is not very high nor low. But having said this, there is competition
from other paint production companies. The other treat which can affect the
company is the tremendous change in demand of paint in future by our customer.


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