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I am not scared of the dark and sleep with the lights off
but sometimes I wake in the night and start to panic because it’s all dark all
I want to do is turn the lights on and can’t wait for the sun to rise. I get
consumed in panic and I feel like the dark is consuming me.

Something more than worse happened to me that night, the
night I won’t forget till my last breath. I would say it was the night of darkness,
it was the night of terror, and it was the night of distress. I was all
drenched in fear just running and staggering in the dusky pitch-black darkness.
All I could hear was sound of shrubs and grass being flattened under my feet. All
I could feel was fear was eating me at the back of my neckline and gashing me
down my spinal column. Exactly about an hour back I was enjoying hot coffee with
my friends in the center of forest and later on all went to sleep I was feeling
sleepless so decided to go for a walk and here I am just running for my life in
darkness with no help. It was as silent as death I was just gasping hard and
looking for my way back. I stopped for a while to catch my breath back, my body
had become an ocean of sweat it was all over my body. All of a sudden I heard a
strange sound behind me all of a sudden I was full of confident fear. I looked
around me in fear there was a broken old bench in the middle of forest just
gazing at me like a hungry lion look for a food. Without wasting a moment I was
running wildly suddenly I saw a highway, I could see light coming from behind
the bushes just as the rays of the benevolent sun pierces through bushes in
extreme sunny day. The salty drops were invading my eyes, my mind was numb. I was
lying just beside highway and was as tired as an elderly man. All of a sudden a
car stopped, one of my friend pointed torch light towards me and screamed with
surprise “Here is he! Here is he…” It was O.K. In the moment of tiredness I didn’t
give any response but just kept on gasping hard to regain my stamina. I was
feeling so hungry that I could eat an entire chicken. 

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