“I pray to the great spirit guide me
through this pain this world conflicts show
me a world that holds no lies that treats
us like convicts abandoned by society
in a world we once walked so free Show me a setting sun where blood never flows like
rivers turned red where another one dies
underneath these blood red skies Guide me through this land so dead where visions stay in my head teach me things nobody knows when this day is gone and all has come undone  Give me the strength I need to make this a better place when my people bleed from this world falling from grace”.

A prayer made by the Cherokee people inspired
by the hardships they experienced because of the white settlers that came to the
Native’s land looking for religious and financial freedom. Theses settlers did
not come in peace, they forced the natives into war, shedding blood, sweat, and
tears. The events like Trail of Tears that forced the Natives to move further
west off their land forced the nation to deal with the great tribes of Native
Americans. The Natives lived mostly in the western territories for hundreds of
years. The white settlers and cattle farmers pushed the Indians out of their
homelands. The Europeans and Native Americans had utterly different views about
how the land should be used. The Settlers definitely believed that people
should develop the land to provide for personal and economic growth. Now, the
Natives didn’t believe in personal ownership that was extremely selfish in
their eyes. Basically Natives viewed land as something that was to be used
communally by all the members of the tribe and people of the land.              

A Native leader gave a speech to William Henry
Harrison who’d later become president Tecumseh, said “Unite in claiming a
common and equal right in the land as it was at first and should be now, for it
was never divided but belongs to all.” 
With that being said you can clearly see the different perspectives the
Natives had vs. the settlers had when it came to the land. Native Americans
also used land for hunting and gathering food, plants and other supplies
essential to their way of life. The Europeans mindset of having land like I
said earlier was that it should be developed and divided for personal economic growth
by extracting minerals and other natural resources that’s in the land itself.  They had planned to use the land for farming,
ranching and mining. They believed that uncultivated land and land with no permanent
homes was being wasted. But needless to say that simple difference in opinion
in such a controversial subject that caused an led to many battles, clashes and
eventually to a war.

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          The Cherokee are an
indigenous people of the southeastern woodland. Prior to the 1th century, they
were concentrated in south western North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee,
northeastern Georgia, and the tips of western South Carolina.  The “Cherokee” name comes from a Muskogee word
meaning, “Speakers of another language”. Cherokee Americans originally called
themselves Aniyunwiya, which translates to “The Principle People”. But today they
accept the name Cherokee which is spelled and pronounced Tsalagi in their
native tongue. “The federally recognized Cherokee nation has a 7,000 square
mile jurisdictional area in fourteen countries of Northeastern Oklahoma.” The
eastern band of Cherokee, also recognized by the Federal Government holds 56,000
acres within the Qualia Boundary of western North Carolina.

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