I to the Sales Report using VLOOKUP and

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I followed these phases; Analysis,
Synthesis, Reporting, Standard Update.Also, I had a chance to apply my Excel
knowledge.I converted the Production Report to the Sales Report using VLOOKUP
and Pivot Table functions.When I was working on the Time Study Method, I
applied my knowledge about observation and analysis skills. I could see that
how the Process Imrovement Department works. I gained an observation on initiating a
project and designing the solutions for a project.Being Process Improvement
Department employee requires being open-minded to use new method, because they
can face new problems anytime.I showed my professional skills in the office.I
developed my communication about problem solving analytical and organizational
skills.I had a chance to understand my responsibilities in a critical
atmosphere. To apply classroom knowledge made me feel comfortable and made me
motivated to learn more.I understood that being positive is important in the
professional workplace.Also, I observed the other departments; Quality Control,
Marketing, Sales, employees helped me to learn their work culture and progress. I experienced during
my practice that being a challenger is a good feature since that feature I
caught to learn new thing.My opinion, the experience will make me feel
self-confident in the future tasks.

In addition to these, I think the food
sector is difficult.It requires taking risk especially the employees who works
at Production and Planning Department, because scheduling the raw materials and
being ensure right quantity and quality of 
the raw material are risky tasks.Forecasting the date expiry of any
fresh foods, which are milk products or fresh vegetables, requires experience
on food sector. Actually, Production Planning employees were Food Engineers,
who have been worked for many years in the sector.

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