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I amcurrently a junior at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) majoringin Kinesiology-Exercise Science. As a junior, I am flabbergasted that I am justnow taking the course, Psychology of Sport Behavior and Athletic Performance. Iam flabbergasted because CSULB should allow underclassmen to take this course,especially because it entails details that are imperative to success. In thisself-evaluation, I will address why I am taking this course, my currentknowledge of sport psychology, and how the knowledge gained in this course willinfluence success in my life and in my future career.Thereare two reasons why I am taking this course.

First, I love sports. I beganloving sports as a child and I continue to love them today. They bring me greatjoy and they continually teach me valuable lessons, such as leadership,resilience, and teamwork. In addition to loving sports, I am interested in psychology.I became intrigued by it when I took an introduction to psychology course myfirst semester at CSULB. I enjoyed learning about the human mind and about whypeople behave the way they do in certain instances. By combining both sport andpsychology together, I am getting the best of both worlds.

Secondly, I amtaking this course because it fulfills a requirement for my major. I amcurrently a beginner when it comes to sport psychology. I am currently abeginner because my major focusses more on the sciences, such as physics,chemistry, and exercise physiology rather than psychology. The only psychologycourse I have taken was an introductory psychology course. Thus, I do not havemuch previous experience in sport psychology. However, I hope to gain muchknowledge from this course for myself and for my future career. Formy future career, I aspire to become an occupational therapist.

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The knowledgegained in this course will influence success in my career by helping me to havea better understanding of the people work with, including clients andcoworkers. In addition, it will help me to get my clients to perform tasks moreefficiently. The knowledge gained in the course will influence success in mylife by helping me to gain more confidence and to believe in myself when itcomes to school, work, and sports.Inconclusion, I look forward to taking this course this semester. Not only doesthis course interest me, but it fulfills a requirement for my major.

I expectto learn a lot from this course because I do not have any previous experiencewith sport psychology. I hope to apply the knowledge gained from this course inorder to be successful in my life and in my future career.  

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