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    I Read The Boy Who Harnessed Wind by William
Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. This book is about a boy who didn’t give up on his
dreams. I like this story because I also won’t give up on my dreams.  


  This story took place in Malawi in 1990. It
happened in the past. William also use to make toys and trucks and many other
things. He lived with his sisters and his parents.

   They lived in Malawi,Masitala and they lived
in a rural area. It was a small village where many poor people lived. But there
was only a few rich family.

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   The main character in the book is William
Kamkwamba. William was 13 years old. He was a little tall and he had black

 William was more taller like his dad when he
was graduating. And the looked alike. He had the same look as his dad and he
was smart like his dad also.


faced many problems like starving, broke with  money, and no harvesting. They starved
because a group of people came to their 
village and collected most of their 

were broke with money because they was poor and they had to pay Williams
school fees. And had to buy some house supplies. They didn’t harvest because
there was no maize.


   They solved some of their problems by the
harvesting season coming  because the
maize  were harvesting  again so the could eat again. So they didn’t
starve again.

  They had a little of money again because they
sold some of the maize and made money. They 
harvested because it was the 
harvesting season.


  The author’s purpose to write this book was
to persuade people to not give up on their dreams.  So their dreams can come to past.

  The effects the book had on me was that I
should never give up. I should always believe in myself.

  I would recommend the book because I want
others  to also follow heir dreams too.
That is why I would recommend the book.


” Who Am I” Project

  William Kamkwamba


 A boy that is poor and not allowed to go to
school because he didn’t pay his school fees, 
but he still managed to study in a library and learn somethings. A boy
that never gived up he kept on trying and trying until he made it. He made a
machine that made electricity, and made a windmill.        

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