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I am sick of when I do a chore that’s  hard and then get no credit for doing it! Well, it’s time to change! I should get paid for doing chores! I could do special chores, things can be at a low price, and, You’re tired of paying for stuff I want!                                                                                                              First, I could do special chores. Parenting expert Jim Fay says, “We all need to feel needed and knowing that we are making a contribution– even kids”   This shows that I need to know that I’m doing good and not just by a “Good job”! You can’t get me to do them if you don’t show that I’m doing well! It shows, we need credit! Next, when Roger W Mclitire says, “It’s an expectation: When older kids are used to doing chores, value for chores is exceptionable. They should get paid when they do chores beyond their unusual ones.” You see, many adults think this way, the older the child, the more the value! I like this because someone is finally standing up for what’s right! That’s what I’m talking about! This piece of evidence is from the awesome student Bree Kenny! “I can do any chore you want me to in a matter in minutes! I can make a list for you to pick from! I can: Do the landry, take the trash out (On time!),vacuum the house, do the dishes, dust (old socks on hands!), and finally, set and clear the tables!” This shows that I can do any chore at any time! Remember you always forget to take the trash out? I will do it ON TIME! You see I will always do them, for something with value.Those were some things why I should get paid for chores! Second, Things can be at a low price! The website says, “More involved work pays more money, while the easy and quick ones pay less. If thee child does not do the chore, then they will not get the spending money.” See! This is the method that I would want to use! But, it is your choice!I agree with this method because it is stern. Like if I was lazy that day and didn’t do the chore I would not get the money! Of course you don’t want to do this for the rest of the kids! They won’t want to do their chores if they have been doing the money thing for a while! They will think that they have lots of mon ey don’t need to do chores anymore! Evidence:For example, Allowance for age says, “Average Allowances by Age.  For example, many parents don’t want to give to much so, a 10-year-old would get $8 per week.”  I like this whole allowance for age thing! This is perfect for you Mom, because you don’t want to pay me to much! Or at all, and that is not okey! It shows the perfect amount of money that a kid could get for chores! Last of all for this reason is a list as usual but its not from me! It is from a website! It states, “If you a parent who makes their kids do chores, well your in luck! I realized that if you put value into it they will want to do it more! Now if you don’t want to do this, let me ease your mind. You can set the value you want! Like, wash windows- $2. Wash dishes-$3. Take trash out-$5. However you want you can do it!” That is a pretty overall claim! You say a chore you say a price! If anything with value is valuable enough for me! I mean I’m 10. I can get paid 5 bucks for taking out the trash! In the website it said that this was a good list that older kids could do and that is perfect for me! Finally, Your tired of paying for things I want! So, you always pay for toys! Well someone knows how you feel! From the website money saving parents, “We have been spending so much for our kids uses! You want a toy, here you go! You want lemonade? Sorry I’m out of Money! They cry! It’s just that You, money, and kids don’t go together! So whenever we go to the store I say, ‘ Do you have money?’ But all they do is backfire and say, ‘No because you never give us any! So I gave them money again! I gave the $10 and they had it lasting for a week!”  I know that was long but it was worth it! I learned that if we keep bugging you mom, then we will finally get some cash! Just kidding! We are never going to get money going off of that! It’s just mean! But, what this really shows mom, is that the magic of a $10 bill is undefeatable! I hate how people have the mind to think kids are cleaning machines! We do something and we get absolutely nothing! Now from the tippy top of my resources,really bad language, from The New York Times, “Kids are just a weird way to lose money! If you just give ’em the money then they will stop buggn’ ya!” That guy was plain and simple! Oh ya, and I won’t stop buggn’ ya! That was a little bit off the grammer side like those words ya, buggn’, and ’em, but otherwise It’s just great from me! It shows you, Mother I know and love, that I will not stop! Not even if you buy ice cream! The last thing has come down to this from the end of my mind! Jenny Sauble said, ” I hate paying for the stuff they want! I hate it, hate it, HATE IT! I mean they get money from easter and holidays! Isn’t that enough?!” Let me answer that question, No! I need to live off of something! But hey, I love my mother, but, I also love, A LITTLE GENEROSITY ONCE IN A WHILE, YOU KNOW! Sorry about that mom but it has come to a point! You were being a little bit harsh! Still I think you meant that on ascendant! Still harsh but I will not fall!!! When kids have some money, they won’t do the chores. We shouldn’t give allowances in exchange for chores because one day our kids will decide they don’t need the money and refuse to do the work. That may be true for little kids might do, but older kids like 10 and up won’t do that I know the value of money. I will do anything to get it! Published in 1945, had come around by the eighth edition and proclaimed: “An allowance is a way for children to learn about handling money. .?.?. An allowance shouldn’t be used as payment for routine chores.” So! What if you were a kid doing chores begging for money! You would be desperate to wouldn’t you?! Artn’t Chore allowance and Learning Allowance the same thing! We are learning how to use money when we are getting it from chores!!! Don’t forget why I’m writing this, I think I should get paid for doing chores, and don’t forget the reasons, I can do spacial chores.Thing can be at a low price!Your tired of paying for things I want!  Wait! One last thing, something to think about! If I was the mom and you were the kid and I didn’t pay you for chores you would be writing this too! By the way you owe me five bucks!

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