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I only purchased one stock and it’s company name is unknown because it got knocked off.I am also going to be honest and say that I am unsure what a share is still and I am unsure if I even had any, during this whole thing I had a very hard time keeping up with it, I just had a lot going on and I honestly didn’t understand and I asked questions but I still didn’t get, I know that it was a mistake not taking the time to get this done and try harder to keep up with everything.I honestly didn’t really use a method to buy my stocks, I just look for the most popular used ones like Mcdonalds etc and tried to pick the best ones, the ones that would keep my numbers looking good and also so I didn’t lose my money for nothing but due to a lot happening during this competition I couldn’t really use the method I started out with and so I only bought one,During the time I owned my one stock I did notice that the last couple of times that I was able to check that the numbers had kept going up and down the entire time I had the stock.I would have actually chosen stocks and I also would have been smart about it and looked deeper into than I had and I also would have chosen some really good ones while trying to make sure that I didn’t pay to much for it to begin with and I would have looked for some steady ones.Purchasing stocks and bonds are not the only way that you can save for retirement, there are many ways you can save up for retirement than just purchasing stocks and bonds etc. Some alternatives for not purchasing stocks or bonds are: control your debt, use your employee benefits, open an individual retirement account or you could also invest in a small business, or even a real estate investment , there are so many more options before buying or selling a stock and a lot of them don’t seem too bad but if  needed than yes you can start buying stocks for only $3.95 and that honestly is not a bad price and it would be a somewhat easy for retirement.After completing the stock market game, I have learned that it would be a good idea to start buying and selling stocks and bonds not only for retirement, but also for maybe a day to day life for in the future and that I could rely on it maybe not all the time, but most the time I could.This game may not have been exactly easy for me due to the fact that I had absolutely no idea what on earth that is was that I was doing when it came to most of the buying and selling and trading and also the shares, but I did see that this game had a very valuable point to it for our future lives and that I would soon maybe need to use this to help me with many things etc.I also learned that you need to really focus when it comes to stocks and everything that goes into buying a stock and sharing it etc. and that you really need to play your cards right when it comes to all of this and also I learned that it is a lot more complicated than I had been expecting it to be and I learned the hard way that you have to really keep up the stocks and bonds etc and that you really have to pay attention or you will lose everything you put into it to begin with.I really wish that I had put more into this game because i now realise how fun it was and how much I had lost out on, but it was also a great opportunity to learn something new and actually produced and something that will help me out in the years to come in my future.I also learned that it is also a game in real life when it comes to stock marketing and this game I truly believe from what I learned will help us students in the future when it comes to many things and I am grateful that I learned what I did and I will hopefully use it in the future to help me.

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