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I just didn’t understand what made him better.Men have a tendency of looking down on females. Referring to us as the weaker sex. Like we can’t do everything that they can. ‘Women are almost half of the workforce. They are the sole or co-breadwinner in half of American families with children. They receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Yet, on average, women continue to earn considerably less than men.’ (www.iwpr.org).   Women make 80 cents to every dollar that male workers do and the pay gap for women of color is even more larger. ( coming from multiple websites) In 1963 the EPA was established, aiming to huge wage difference wage different based on sex, it was signed into law on june 10th 1963. The signing of the EPA meant that men should not be getting paid more than women if they’re doing the same job, and yet in 2017 this problem is still occurring. It’s not as a big deal now but imagine this, 80 cents to a dollar, is how much less women make than a man. Paying men more than a woman for doing the same job has been illegal for 52 years, but it didn’t really change, just got swept under the rug. Women not speaking out as much is showing the world that they don’t really care. Many people, both men and women have gender stereotypes. Gender Stereotypes are basically over-generalized characteristics of how a person should act based on their gender (http://study.com).  I’ve never known a stereotype to be positive but according to Study.com stereotypes have positive connotation, even gender stereotypes. For example, a positive notion would be that women are better caregivers than men, which isn’t true in all true, and a negative notion would be a man saying women could not fight in combat. Now both sound the same to me because how can a women be better caregiver than a men? What does gender have to do with that ? Two parents should be equally invested in caring for their child regardless of gender, it’s like hearing people say only the mother loves the child because the dad has to work, and isn’t around enough. Mostly everything has a gender battle when it should gender should be just as irrelevant then race honestly. Gloria Steinem is a writer, journalist and also a feminist. Just like her friend Gloria Watkins, well known by her pen name bell hooks. Two of feminist biggest icons, and friends talked, debated and reminisced on october 6. As the feminist author and scholar- in residence bell hooks interviewed Gloria Steinem (http://www.huffingtonpost.com)  They sat and talked about how far feminism have bought women and how much further we need to go. The feminist identity can be a hard label to wear says bell hooks, that’s why most people are not categorized as such. Being a feminist is like the new target, because equality upsets the patriarchy, that’s why any time people speak up against injustice, racism, homophobia or sexism they’re easily judged or talked down on. When bell asked Gloria the most important thing that helped her get through her tough times, like when she went undercover as a playboy bunny to expose the harsh conditions the girls faced working and serving in hugh hefner’s restaurants (http://dlib.nyu.edu)  she told, her that she was. bell hooks was the reason Gloria made it through it all. Feminism is about friends and the family and community you make throughout the movement, that’s what makes it stronger (http://www.huffingtonpost.com)  bell says if we buy shoes together then we can talk politics together, meaning similar interest and value forge paths and movements bring support to one another when it’s most needed because there are so many people against feminism, when in reality feminism is not a bad thing and actually more people should share the feminist mindset if it was not so looked down on like it’s wrong to be a strong women and fight for everything you believe in.Many people believe the enemy honestly is feminist themselves ! Some actually believe that feminist just bash men and what they do, but the real enemy is yourself and our own ignorance. We’re sitting here arguing and bashing people fighting to prove that women are human too, that we’re blinded by the truth.While the EEOC Received 8,500 charges of sexual harassment in the workplace in 2016, that number has been non changing for a few years. The actual number of people who have experienced sexual harassment at work is much higher says the vice president for education and employment of the law center, Fatima Goss Graves. She said that victims often don’t report the harassment out of the concern that they’ll be made to feel they’re somehow to blame for any unwanted advances and because of all the routes to complaint, that range from reporting conduct to your company’s human-resource professionals to filing out lawsuits. Huffington post poll found out that one in five women have been harassed by a boss and one in four said they’ve been harassed by another co worker. Even though women are more likely than men to be harassed men also reported being sexually harassed 6 percent said they have been harassed by a boss and 14 percent say they have been harassed by a coworker. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com) . Sexual discrimination hurts more for families. Getting fired from a job when it’s not even your fault can be a major problem if you’re married or even if you’re a single mother. It’s bad enough the average women make compared to men is 78 cents to a dollar, now you’re not making any cents to a dollar because you’ve been sexually harassed and was looking for help. that’s another reason added to the list of why women typically don’t report when it first happens cause they know either from experience or someone else’s experience.Feminism is the idea that both men and women are equal, that no one gender is superior to the other. It’s the radical notion that women are people, The feminist movement opens a window of opportunity that should’ve been opened a long time ago. Women began gaining their rights between the times of 1848 and 1920, it’s been 168 years and nothing really changed. We can vote and get jobs but the things we can do are limited. Men believe that we should play “traditional” gender roles and alienate some of us into thinking it’s okay when in reality traditional gender roles do not exist. The sooner we realize feminism is the start of something great the sooner we can get what we deserve, because I will not allow myself to make 78 cents to a dollar to any man doing the same job as me under any circumstance. I feel like if people really knew what feminism was then they’d be more welcoming to it, everyone looks at it like just wanting women to a have rights, like we’re “feminist”we favor both genders because no one gender is superior to another, we are all people. The primary topic covered in this paper, which was that discrimination as sexism takes many forms, such as the difference in expectations of men and women, unequal pay in the workforce, and sexual harassment, barely skims the surface of the heart of the women’s equality movement. There is always much more to learn and discuss and it falls on feminist shoulders to educate others about the movement. And I’m proud to say, that this is what a feminist looks like. Many people believe the enemy honestly is feminist themselves ! Some actually believe that feminist just bash men and what they do, but the real enemy is yourself and our own ignorance. We’re sitting here arguing and bashing people fighting to prove that women are human too, that we’re blinded by the truth ! If feminists are Feminazis like rush limbaugh once declared, why are we only getting paid 78 cents to a dollar that men make? We have a right to be upset and riot and speak up because some women have families to feed, believe it or not. In 2013 alone the Wage Gap showed that women earned 78.3% as much men 16 years and older made, this was calculated by taking the median annual earnings by women and the dividing them by the median annual earnings of men. The EPA was established 52 years ago meaning that men and women can not have a different salary if they work the same job doing the same thing. Back when the EPA was coming about women only made 58 cents for every dollar a man made, and now by 2013 women only make 78 cents. The 78% is all races combined so when we break down the races you see how much we actually get paid, the 78% is just the average. Women of color make 64 cents to every dollar earned by a white man, hispanic women make 56 cent and the highest sum made is by asians, they make 80 cents to every dollar a white man makes (http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0763170.html) People think as always that when a woman stands up for something she is just complaining but this is serious. It’s been 52 years and we still can’t work together in the same job doing the same thing without worrying that we won’t even make the same salary. What this wage gap means for families is that married mean overall make the highest salaries, 67,900 for men with children and 60,800 for men without children. But when compared to single mothers the difference is very sad. Single mothers make 38,200 to 45,500, an estimated 4.1 million households are headed by African American mothers, which is why 1.5 million households that are headed by African American mothers are in poverty. That means that the same goes for latina single mothers since they make less than African American mothers. According to Debra L. Ness : “The fact that women of color are losing tens of thousands of dollars each year that could go toward buying food and other essentials that their families and our economy depend on is appalling, and it weakens our communities and our country. Lawmakers at all levels need to step up to fix the problem by combating discrimination and adopting family-friendly workplace policies.”(http://www.fastcompany.com).This shows that this problem needs to be controlled by the lawmakers and help out the tens of thousands of women that lose money because of unequal pay. It’s like you’re taking money out of their children’s mouths. In 2009, President Obama signed Lilly Ledbetter fair pay Act after his inauguration. He tried to restore the protection against pay discrimination, but the supreme court decision in the ruling of Ledbetter V. Goodyear & Rubber Co removed it. This is why Debra is advocating congress to pass the paycheck fairness act to abolish loopholes in the EPA to try to make stronger and more protected work areas for women. The Wage gap, unsurprisingly isn’t the only barrier holding women back. Sexual harassment is another form of discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual activity someone forces on someone else. It can include leering, pinching, patting, pressure for dates, cat calls, etc. Sexual harassment usually occurs when someone has more power over someone else in this case men having more power on women. For example Welfare workers with patients,male police officers with women police officers.In 2011,The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commision received 11,364 complaints of sexual harassment. Out of those complaints 84 percent of them were women and 16 percent of them were men. A lady commented on this and said that : “I reported someone for sexual harassment when I worked for a big company not long ago. No one investigated. No one was fired. No one followed company protocol. A week later I was called into the manager’s office and was terminated. The guy that harrasess every female that works under him still works there.” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com). This explains why so many women are afraid to report when someone sexually harrasses them because nobody takes you seriously and the tables turn on you for some odd reason, like you’re not the victim. It’s not surprising that big companies do that though, they take advantage of the working class, the people who need jobs because they can and have the money to. We are told to stand up for our rights but sadly that is not enough, people always find some loophole to get out of something. At the age of 15, Heather Huhman was a victim of unwanted advances from a co-worker. She said that she was unsure what to do but she did the only thing she thought would keep her safe, report him. The co-worker was harassing her at work and following her home. When she reported him he Was fired but she was still living in fear of her life as she waited for her complaint to go up the chain of command. What she went through is an example of unfortunate conundrum that many workers go through. Although a lot of people in America are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace many don’t report it out of fear of retaliation or fear that their co-workers will make them feel ashamed by the experience. Most people don’t talk about it, they rather suffer in silence. Heather Later said ” There’s a lot of shame that goes into when people treat you like that.” Later in Heather’s life she explains the second time she was a victim of sexual harassment at a different job later in her career. She reported the harassment to human-resources officials, who did not believe her claims. After the report she stopped getting new assignments and projects, while the person who was victimizing her continues just fine in her career. Who would believe that anything that this kind of behavior would even be remotely considered acceptable.

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