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I would like to say that
my interest on the human mind started at an early age, but that would be a lie.
From an early age I wanted to be a nurse, as I followed my dream I notice each
year that was not my true calling. My interest in the human mind and behavior
was triggered after losing multiple friends and a family member to suicide.
Experiencing grief and other affect of losing someone to suicide is what
triggered my interest in the study of psychology. Although I have only studied
this subject for a relatively short period of time, I have enjoyed the variety
of knowledge that the required courses provide. I feel I have had a sample of
different fields of this subject during my time at the University of Alabama in

One of the great things
about psychology is that it can be applied in mostly any situation, which truly
makes it one of the most interesting subjects I have studied. I am amazed at
how many theories and concepts there are and all about how the mind works to
shape people into what makes them, well them! Psychology surrounds us, it aids
us to study and understand individuals’ behaviors and how to apply the
knowledge during dramatic events such as grievance. I often observe my
co-workers and ask myself why they are so different, struggling with
depression, anxiety or eating disorders.



We know so much for
certain about the human anatomy, but when it comes to Psychology even the line
between the brain and the mind is distorted. Psychology interests me because
nothing is definite. Even when it comes to the treatment of individual
illnesses, there is no one size fits all type of protocol, and often it is only
a mix of many approaches that can solve an issue entirely. While wanting to
help, I am interested on the research side of psychology and I am confident
that the University of Alabama in Birmingham will give me the opportunity to do
so. The constant sense of discovery is one of the most captivating
characteristic about the psychology spectrum. The concept of looking at an
individual’s pretentious behavior in an analytical way allows me to glance at
the world in a contemporary approach.

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I have become firmly
committed to the belief that the most appropriate way to answer our societies behavioral
and developmental questions is through research and that these answers should
be communicated in a professional manner to individuals who can benefit most
from them. During my undergraduate education, I became inspired  to continue my education in graduate school so
I can participate in research and make meaningful contributions to humanity
through psychology.

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