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I was driving back from an event at my grandmother’s place. It was an old country road, surrounded by nothing but darkness and farm fields. I could hardly see in front of me. The moon glowed down on the land giving the only form of light for miles. It had been a long car ride. I had been driving for over an hour and i probably had another couple to go. I reached out to grab my water bottle but my bottle wasn’t there. What I touched was warm, slimy it felt almost like a hand. I was frozen in fear as the hand slid back. At that point I was certain that i wasn’t alone in my car. My temporary paralysis wasn’t allowing my head to turn. I heard other entity shuffling in the back. I had been driving so long i would have known a long time ago someone was in the back of the car. Stalking me. Watching me. I had made no stops since I left my grandmother’s place. There was no way that someone could’ve got in the back of the car. I remembered that when I left I had put my bags in the back and no one was there. All that went over in my mind in a blink of an eye. I realized I was being crazy. No one was there and as I bring my senses together I turned around just to show myself how crazy I was being. When I turned around and I choked on my breath. I couldn’t see but I knew that my face drained and I was as pale as a ghost. As pale as the man sitting in my backseat. He had no hair, his eyes were black, the flesh around the gaping hole that should have been his mouth was rotting. His clothing was brown and ripped, he was barefoot. He started screaming a low pitch scream of agony and evil. As he screamed he turned towards me and reached for my neck. I was so scared I couldn’t even curse. As he grabbed my neck let go of the wheel to fight back and just a few moments after I let go I heard a loud explosion of the front of my car and that was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

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