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I have informed
those involved the intention of the activity (BERA, 2011, cited in The
Assessment Guide, 2017).

My evaluation


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The area that I am most
confident is in Handling Data because I found this topic easy to understand and
knew what steps had to be taken and therefore enjoyed learning about it
throughout my school years. I often got praised about how well I had done and as
a result got rewarded at assemblies with a prize and certificate. On the other
hand the area that I am weakest in is Measurement, particularly the topic of
converting units. I spent most of time here and struggled with answering the
questions because I found the lessons in primary school to be hard, so I
switched off and did not concentrate on this. However, as Haylock (2014, p. 326)
suggests that children should have the opportunity to expand their skills and
understanding of measurement by participating in practical and focused
activities, I feel as though this is where I lacked on developing on this topic
because I was not getting involved.

and literacy

My area of strength based on
the English audit was on Punctuation. I am most positive in this because of the
supportive environment I had on week-end tuition for English. I had one-to-one
support where I was able to get help quickly if I struggled and I was also
encouraged to ‘have a go’ and not just sit back. This helped me immensely
because the teachers were able to give me further support. However, there are
some areas for development throughout the English audit which included not
knowing the correct terminology that was used because I have no understanding
of what they are and therefore find it extremely difficult to answer the
questions. Though there have been many curriculum changes within the past years
and for that reason I should brush up on my knowledge and skills or learn the
relevant terminology and how they are used because I have never come across
them (The Open University, 2017).


My strength from the audit
and the area I feel I was most confident in is ‘Humans’, because I feel this
was where most of my knowledge was and I enjoyed learning about this in school
as I could relate to it more myself. I used to enjoy going to science lesson because
I was really engaged and interested in what was being taught as I was
fascinated about my own body (Peacock et.al, 2014, p. 37). My area for development
is about ‘energy’, this is the topic I feel least confident about because I did
not understand the concepts that were used here. In school lessons it was
something that I did not enjoy because I found it difficult to understand and
did not ask for help from any teachers. As Peacock et.al (2014, p.140) explains
that through talking and contributing to discussions will help to make sense of
the topic, but in my school we overused text books so I struggled to make sense
of the topic.




Science is a subject that
can be taught through a practical activity, which is an effective method of
learning but can also consist of other approaches such as talking, writing,
role-play etc. All of these strategies help to enhance children’s scientific knowledge
and skills (Peacock et.al, 2014, p.8). In school A teachers understand that
children are curious about the world, so throughout their science lessons allow
them to explore and investigate. This is important as children have the
opportunity to engage and ask questions so that they can develop a good
understanding of science and the world around them (The Open University e,
2017). The thought of actively engaging in an activity is a similar approach
that school A takes as they encourage children to participate in practical
activities to help them think about the world around them. This can be linked
to the idea of Inquiry based learning, where children ask questions about their
environment and then begin to investigate and produce data (The Open University
d, 2017). Likewise, to help children to produce data, in school A Information
Communication Technology (ICT) is used to support science lessons, for instance
in a Year one class they were asked to use the internet  to research about animals appearances and
where they live; then to write this information on their worksheets.



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