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am a resident living in Tampines neighbourhood and I am writing this email to
you to provide feedback and inform you of the rising amount of bicycles from
the bike-sharing scheme that are parked haphazardly throughout the
neighbourhood. These bicycles are giving the residents inconvenience as they
are being left at corridors and lift lobby, hindering the movements of
residents especially those who are handicapped. It is a common sight to see the
brightly coloured bicycles acting as an obstacle around our neighbourhood such
as having these bikes parked in the centre of a walkway, right outside lift
lobbies and even right outside entrances of coffee shops and provision shops. Although
bike parking zones are already being set up in order to combat this issue, it
seems to be ineffective as people find it troublesome to cycle to the parking
zones in order to park their bikes and that the zones are a distance away from their


I would like to give some suggestions which could help to lessen the effects of
this problem occurring in the neighbourhood. Firstly, the addition of flyers
placed around the neighbourhood reminding people to be considerate and park the
bicycles appropriately could encourage them to park the bicycles in their
designated areas. These could serve as a constant reminder to the public and
they can remember that they have to park these bikes in the allocated areas.


fines can also be placed on those who park the bicycles at places that severely
blocks or obstruct people. These fines could be done through the application
itself as the application have a record of who rented the bicycle and also the
fine could be deducted from the user’s deposit. This would deter people from
parking the bicycles haphazardly due to their own convenience or be more aware
of the bicycle parking zones and be considerate. I seek for your consideration
regarding my feedbacks and wish to see the cases of badly parked bicycles
reduce significantly in the future. 

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