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am interested to apply for Msc Program in
International Business. This program is a step towards my future
career and I strongly believe that my educational background, working
experience, personal skills and my motivation make me a very good candidate for
this program.

will graduate in July 2018, from Amity University, Noida, India and hold a
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application.  My eagerness to work side by side with family
business has formed the basis of my steadfastness towards pursuing an in-depth knowledge of International Business. I have strong
technical skills, which help me to integrate technology into business processes
in all its forms and manage a project successfully. 

my senior secondary school (12th standard), I had to take some time
out to help my brother in the family.
However, I resumed my career next year and continued to pursue my graduation
through distance course in Bachelors of computer application from Amity University,
Noida, India. While working side by side with the business I had a chance to get a thorough insight into the
operations and develop my professional skills. My passion and curiosity for business
management grow larger and larger as I gain more knowledge with a short course on Import and Export Management.
My family business is in Manufacturing Sector and some of the parts were
imported from China. I had a chance to make my business connection with the
dealers in China which gave me practical
knowledge and built my curiosity to understand more about International
Business. In
today’s global economy multiple skills, being well-rounded academically and
professionally is a unique characteristic of an entrepreneur. During my time in business, I had the chance to participate in
the planning of marketing products through social media and website and enabled
me to bring in the prospective customers converting them for business and
maintaining a complaisant relationship. It made me realize my potential and learn many facets of the
business world required in this field.  In the execution, I developed an interest in designing and marketing.  To gain more knowledge, I took a course in
Graphic and Web designing. I have been freelancing for past 7 months and generating my sales leads from Linkedin and
Personal & Professional Connection.

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work experiences apart from family business, I gained my first three-month
internship at a position of Group Sales and IT intern at Cuiper International
Pvt. Ltd., which deals in export of women’s clothing and accessories. Being
involved in creating and maintaining a team taught me the importance of
initiative, responsibility, and respect of deadlines, open-mindedness, and determination for successful completion of
a project.  My main responsibilities
included Promotion on social media by creating banners, posters of the
products, Maintaining and Updating Company’s Website and Sales through
E-commerce Sites.

markets have always fascinated me. That is why I am aiming for a profession in
that direction.  After more than two years of work
experience in family business, I feel that international exposure is vital to
appreciate my net worth as a thorough professional.  Since I lack exposure to the tools and
concepts relating to the management of a
business on an international level, it limits my capabilities to grow in the
industry where broad exposure is vital to achieving
personal and professional growth. Also, I have the
vision to manage my own business on an international scale in the near
future as my ultimate objective is to become a well-seasoned business
professional. Therefore, I realized that it is the right time to enhance
capabilities to ensure my growth in this highly competitive corporate world.
With passion and persistence, I initiated
a search for a source of transformation
for my personal and professional capabilities. I really enjoy living
in new and challenging environments and know that I should continue to pursue my dream of
studying international management, in an international environment.

search of the right education and qualification for the career, I’m aiming for Kedge Business School as it is one of the
best places to study. Having reviewed the course structure, I can see that the International
Business program will be a highly valuable
experience for me. Having a chance to participate in the high-level
education that you offer would expand my knowledge and give a great advantage
in the competitive market. For doing business globally we need to interact with
foreign cultures and need to understand them. I can only imagine myself working
and living in a dynamic and inspiring environment with people from different
culture, with different perspective and ideas to which I would bring my
contribution. I am sure the program you are offering will contribute to my
professional development in the future and that it will be a great environment
where I can bring my ideas and use them for good results of the groups I will
be a member of. Another reason why I am sure I stand to gain from participating
in your international business program is that I have always regarded foreign
languages as crucial tools of an expanding business. My firm belief is that by studying at your highly
recognized university, in the international, creative and open-minded
environment that it provides, I will be able to develop my existing skills and
develop new ones which will help me to achieve my future plans.

have always dreamed of going to other continents and expand my career
internationally. I believe that the time has come to make my dream into a
reality. If given the opportunity, I would be able to enrich the already great
academic environment of your prestigious Business School and shall certainly be
able to exploit my potential to the fullest.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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