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  I have chosen to apply for this program for
two reasons; access to quality higher education and one of many reasons attending
the programme will be enriching and rewarding experience.

has always been important to my family. As the son of nomadic herder, my
parents made the difficult decision to send me to Ulaanbaatar, capital city of
Mongolia, at 15 years old so I could have access to a better education.
While I did not understand their decision at the time, I now know that it was
necessary in order to expose me to opportunities that they did not have. One of
these opportunities was the chance to spend two weeks in attending an American
high school as part of the Student Exchange Program run by a local NGO. I
consider myself extremely fortunate student who was one of the 6 out of 100
students chosen. But that was not easy as they thought. For me, the best part
of the trip was attending high school classes and experiencing the different learning
styles of the teachers. I discovered that how valuable relationships with other
cultures are when I become good friends with a foreign student. Those
experiences gave me another perspective on my life and future goals,
encouraging me to pursue studying abroad and receive better education. I admire
the educational standards of European countries such as Hungary and if I am
accepted into this programme I hope to gain knowledge and skills that will help
me become the first person in my family to pursue a college degree.

 One of the main thing that I took back
from my time in U.S was to become more active and eager student. I was inspired
by a TED Talks on volunteerism. Then I have tried to accomplish some ideas from
the TED Talks in my highschool. As matter of fact, when I ran for Volunteer
Club president at the end of high school, there were twenty members. But at my
first meeting as a president, only three people attended my first meeting,
including myself. Our Volunteer Club’s goal was to help elderly and
disadvantaged people get their meals for the day. We would also go to their ger
(the traditional Mongolian house) and bring water from the well or help do
housework. I started to advertise and send club membership requests to
students. Most of them were to the certain girls because early on I recognized
that boys followed the certain girls in high school. I used that to our
advantage. Intense member recruitment and more high-quality service events made
our Volunteer Club’s reputation grow. Our club had grown from the smallest club
in the school to the biggest and most active. Volunteering has indeed given me
the chance to give back to my community which is exactly what I wanted to do in
the future. Now, I came to become more confident and possibly could contribute
more in Mongolian society through my dedication and determination. Definitely
in order to for me to be more successful, I need to know what is happening
throughout the rest of the world.  

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         My country
needs educated young people who can influence their community and create
positive change. If selected for the program I would take the skills that I
have learned home and use them to continue to be a voice for marginalized
groups within Mongolia. The program will be perfect place to start my journey.

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