I take us to the Lahbab Desert

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I love to travel whenever I got
chance I move on to some desert safari a long time ago I go to Dubai and I get
a chance to Morning Desert Safari offer by my colleagues, I am too much tired
that morning but my colleagues assist me to come with them So I agree, what I personally
experience during my visit to Morning desert safari was quit awesome, I didn’t
hope that much fun.

Our Morning Desert Safari in

Our Morning Desert Safari in
Dubai tour is around 4 to 5 hours tours in which they tour operator pick us
from our hotel. Pick up will be in 4×4 luxury vehicle. Then they guides take us
to the Lahbab Desert which is around 40 minutes of drive from Dubai City.
During this drive we will have also the view of marvelous buildings and other
architectural wonders in Dubai.

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We will reach in a meeting point
where our drivers will stop to set the air pressure of tyres. And we will have
time to have some water or use washrooms. After these things we will leave in a
convoy towards the desert. And morning desert safari in Dubai will
be started. There shall be minimum 45 minutes of dune bashing. This will be a
very thrilling experience for us. 

During this dune bashing our
drivers will stop the vehicle in middle of the desert so you can have a look of
pure nature of desert and save it in your cameras as well. After this picture
point morning desert safari will be continue. 

This tour will be end up in rest
area where drivers will again check the Tyre pressure and we can get some rest.
After that we shall leave for Dubai city and again after 45 minutes of drive
our drivers will drop us in our hotels or residences. 

This trip is unforgettable for me
because I am totally dull when I am going to Safari and my mood is full off in
start I sit in the car and close my eyes as the ride start friend start gossips
and talk about the view of marvelous buildings and other architectural wonders
of Dubai I take interest in gossips after that we reach our Morning Dessert safari
Dubai Place which was awesome! It was just my personal experience as we guys don’t
have  enough time to take  part of other desert safari’s which our tour
operators are offering like evening desert safari  red dune quad bike and other funs as we have
very short we are in Dubai for some official purpose and my friends and collogues
plan a Morning Desert Safari and Thank them to all y collogues and tour
operators for such a wonder full time .





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