i) landfill, people throw away their trash into

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i) In what specific
ways (pick 3 or 4) do Canadians impact the environment currently?


Canadians impact the environment in many ways, even when we don’t mean
to. Some of our daily activities can make a major difference in our world and
contribute to a big problem. Water pollution. Water
pollution is the addition of harmful chemicals to water or in easier words, water pollution
is the contamination of water. This resource is very important to us humans,
animals, and plants, and destroying it, will result in major consequences. We
affect our water by littering, oil spills, pesticides, pipeline waste, and
toxic waste.Littering is when someone disposes their waste, in a not so good
way. Instead of recycling it, or a worse option, sending it to the landfill,
people throw away their trash into the ocean. This can release many toxins,
which can be seen as “infecting” our water. Oil spills don’t happen very often,
but when they do, they can leave a big mark on bodies of water. When oil is
being transported, careless workers let oil leak through boats, which can
create a thick viscous layer on the ocean.1 This covers birds’
feathers decreasing their ability to fly, it is consumed by fish, which finds
its way into the food chain, and eventually into us humans. This can further
lead to diseases being spread, and illness. Pesticides may help farmers grow
crops faster and easier, but it does not look so good in the long run. These
pesticides are absorbed by plants, and into the soil.2This soil
releases water, ultimately going into our pipelines, and into our water cycle. Pipelines
deliver water supply to our homes, workplaces, and schools. They assist us in receiving
our water in a more efficient and convenient way. However, sometimes, we are
not careful with what we put down our pipelines, such as paint, oil, or even
things as simple as eggshells and coffee grounds.3 These items can
clog our drainage systems resulting in high costs, and overall damage to the
environment. Toxic waste is something most of us cannot control, but larger companies
can reduce the amount of waste they produce or dump into the ocean. Toxic waste
includes chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins.4 These
dangerous substances can harm different types of marine life, and the water






ii) What consequences
could there be if Canadians fail to reduce their impact on the environment in
the future?

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Some consequences that could potentially occur if Canadians fail to rude
their impact on the environment in the future would be damaged food chains,
illness or disease, ecosystems being destroyed, dead animals, and economic
cost.Food chains can be majorly affected by water pollution. If one trophic
level consumes the pollutant, then it can be passed onto larger animals, thus
onto us. Disease or illness works hand in hand with damaged food chains. Since
these substances are not common in everyday consumption, it can bother animals,
and hurt them, or possibly trigger diseases that can be spread and maybe even
kill.5Ecosystems can be destroyed by our careless acts, or simply
dumping pollutants into local lakes. This can over populate bodies of water
with algae and more organisms, which absorbs and reduces oxygen supply. This
can alter the food chain, and disrupt it. Should the water supply be poisoned, it
can possibly kill all animals (including aquatic animals). According to
eviropol.com, “16000 miles of a US coastline was affected by and oil spill.

That water pollution caused a lot of damage and deaths of many animals. Over
8,000 animals (birds, turtles, mammals) were reported dead just 6 months after
the spill.”. Water pollution does not only affect our earth, but our financial
well-being as well. Since it costs a lot more to purify polluted water, companies
lose money trying to clean up major messes. In addition to this issue, fishing
stock is negatively impacted. This is a direct result because of a decreasing
level of oxygen, killing fish, and lowering business for fisheries.6



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