I am applying for this course because I would like to improve how educational assessment is developed and used in my school, which is a preparatory school for boys in London. Coming from the Irish education system I have found the amount of formal summative assessment – especially in the private sector we are subjecting our pupils to from as early as Year 3 is developing an unnecessary pressured environment that is not conducive to developing independent, creative, happy and healthy learners. I would like my research and continued professional development to be used to help shape how my schools company develop and implement their assessment throughout the whole group. I work for a private preparatory school owned by the Alpha Plus Group – who are the second largest private school group in the UK running a network of pre-preparatory, preparatory and secondary independent schools, colleges and nurseries. Through my own research into the group – each school differs in how they asses their pupils both in formative and summative assessment. I believe that if the group where to have a shared practice in how it developed and implemented its assessment they could be at the forefront of developing a more sustainable and progressive system which promotes the core skills needed in our future workforce – independent, analytical, reflective and creative thinkers. Assessment should be an instrument to underpin learning which helps pupils reach their goals and so it should be effective and fit for purpose, serving to help support pupils in making the next steps in their learning. As head of two departments – religious studies and drama and performing arts, I am constantly looking for ways in which I can empower my pupils to take teaching and learning into their own hands. When planning and creating assessment I always think first and foremost why am I assessing them, then what the assessment is intending to measure, what the pupils will achieve out of the assessment and finally how I will then use the information.

            I am very fortunate to be in the position of being in charge of assessment in two very different subjects – religious studies and drama and performing arts. The common entrance religious studies syllabus is   My experience leading these two subjects has allowed me to experiment in how I assess my pupils and I have  for how assessment is developed and implemented. My

            In applying for this course, I hope to greatly develop my understanding of assessment, how it is designed and how to best use the data obtained from assessment to help improve the education of my pupils.

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