I would start with the premise that I have never taken classes in an academic setting. My professional experience spans more than 30 years in the area of technology and information systems and that includes 15 or more years in project and program management. I have done seminars and workshops on relational database design, structured systems analysis, and design coupled with training on technology products. In the project management space, I have done seminars and presentations at University of Kansas and other locations as a part of the PMI (Project Management Institute) marketing efforts to promote project management.With so much experience under my belt, I now feel the need to give back all that I have learned in whatever way possible. If I remember, the seminars and workshops I conducted have given me an exhilarating experience and a sense of satisfaction. My goal is to take that experience and help give back to new and aspiring students coming out of colleges and universities. While the theoretical aspects of project management can be learned in any formal setting, there are the practical aspects that come only from experience. I hope to bring that experience into the classroom as a strategic and tactical advantage when they come into the industry for the first time.In my view, teaching is the noblest of professions whether it be school or college and that means I do not take lightly the challenges and the passion required to make a difference in the classroom. The goal of the teacher is not just to promote his/her knowledge and wisdom; to rather it is to make sure that the students have acquired the same knowledge and wisdom through introspection, questions, discussions, and other interpersonal techniques. Student feedback is critical success factor to the success of a teaching methodology, and it is important that the teachers are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the student. In my opinion, teaching is not always about the classroom, to rather a focus on each student with the goal that no one is left behind in the process. Also taking into account the differences associated with learning capability, intelligence and to express and discuss in a free and healthy setting that does not threaten their fundamental being.Teaching should also bring about excitement, inspiration, and curiosity that allows a student to go deeper into those concepts being presented. It is the responsibility to not only talk about current events but also articulate a futuristic view of what these concepts can bring about in an effort to transform the industry. There is also a need to couple these concepts with the technological advances happening in this world today. In addition, teaching is a process that needs continuous improvement, refinement and the ability to understand and apply new teaching approaches with the power of technology.To conclude, teaching is a specialized skill that needs to be approached with the notion of a transformation and a difference the teacher is making on the life of a student, allowing him/her to become a better person with the necessary skills required to enter the real world of professional work. Patience, commitment, and persistence are key to student success. Keeping this in mind, I do hope to do due diligence and make a significant difference in the community for both the experienced and the upcoming.

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