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I am Sahaam Mehmood S/O Mehmood Tariq. I belong to a developing village in the district of TT Singh, Punjab province. I successfully completed my matriculation with 82% marks and intermediate with 72% marks. As I explored science in my high school years I became fascinated with engineering and aim to pursue my undergraduate studies in civil engineering. Becoming an engineer is my foremost priority as it will enrich my knowledge and career and allow me to contribute to society.

I still remember the day when I secured good marks in secondary school certificate. These marks allowed me to get admitted to a good high school where my dream of becoming an engineer was conceived and this motivated me to earn good grades in my intermediate exams. But I couldn’t keep up with my dream of becoming an engineer because of a lack of opportunities which I faced as I am from an underdeveloped area. Nevertheless, all these factors have not set me back from my goal and losing hope in myself. I am fully motivated and positive. When given the opportunity I will put forward all my effort to ensure my success as an engineer. Time and diligence if put together definitely lead to success so I am confident I can make my skills worth. I am trying to avail every chance I get and give my 100% towards it and to achieve my goal. A bachelor’s degree from your institution will not only impart me with a sound education in latest engineering knowledge but will also push me ahead in the technological world. Earning a degree from your university gives me options and options are opportunities which I will use to become a productive member of society. I consider bachelors in engineering from your university to be the best for my future.

My future goals are clear as I look forward to becoming a successful engineer and I am sure a good education, infrastructure, and opportunities that come in my way will help me in achieving my goals. I am eager about learning and actively participate in extracurricular. The desire to learn skills that can be used to help others and myself drives me and motivates me. I have always tried my best to achieve optimized and unconventional solutions in order to build a rising success. I always participate in group projects actively and always try to share my opinions. I can also focus intensively on one task for a long time period. I remain focused and attentive, that is an asset both to me and those I work with. I would very much like to spend my four years at your university, this would give me a chance to deepen my knowledge about engineering in the inspiring, creative and multicultural environment of your university.

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I appreciate you looking at my application, I look forward to your positive feedback.

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