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apply for admission into the Master of Arts in Tourism Management which is due
starting in September 2018 under Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships at Pannonia
University in Hungary. My name is Emmanuel Jackson Nyanda from Tanzania, I am
married and I have 2 children. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and
Hospitality management (Upper Second Class – Honour) from the Open University
of Tanzania since October 2013. Some of the key courses during my studies
include Economics of Tourism; Tourism, Marketing and Promotion; Research
Methodology and Tourism Research Projects. Through the three years of my
studies, I managed to blend my studies with work as well as family
responsibilities and still I graduated with honour class. I am self-motivated,
hardworking and well-organized personnel who can work in a team environment. I
have 13 years experience working with the Tanzania Wildlife Management
Authority (TAWA). Under this employment, I worked as a Wildlife Warden from
2005 to 2013 then I was upgraded to Tourism Officer after completing my
Bachelor degree. I am currently responsible for planning and supervising tourism
activities in Wildlife Protected Areas, organizing and conducting wildlife
anti-poaching patrols for wildlife protection, giving conservation education to
villagers and writing reports on field activities. My work experience has
helped me develop several leadership skills including communication, planning,
managerial and organizational skills. I gained these skills as a Supervisor of
Tourism and Patrol activities at Mwambesi Game Controlled Area. My efforts in
Wildlife Conservation have encouraged the growth of Wildlife-Tourism in
Southern Tanzania.


want to enrol for the Master of Arts in Tourism Management in order to gain new
experience, improve the knowledge and skills I already possess and increase my
competence in executing my current tasks in Wildlife and Tourism Management.
The curriculum of this Master’s program is organized in a good manner that will
meet my educational needs and improve my expertise in Tourism Management. The
modules in Management Challenges and Strategic Management for example, will build
my capacity on managing the available challenges in Wildlife-Tourism
activities. Therefore, I hope to gain a range of skills which include but are
not limited to environmental protection, Tourism destination management, Tourism
enterprise development, research and leadership skills. During my studies, I
will share my experience with other students to let them know how Tanzania
operates Tourism activities in Wildlife Protected Areas. After completing my
studies, I will come back home in Tanzania to continue working with my current
employer. Shortly after my return, I expect to get promotion into higher
leadership positions in our organisation. I will become a leader who will be
working to solve the available Challenges in Wildlife-Tourism activities. I
will use this position to advise the government on how best it can do to
utilize the Wildlife resources sustainably in Tourism activities. For example,
I will advise to recruit the renowned poachers in Tourist-hunting activities
such as track of animals, skinners, camp attendants, etc, to reduce illegal
killing of animals in Wildlife Protected Areas. The aim is to reduce direct impact
of human activities on Wildlife resources and retain more animals for Tourist-hunting
activities. My career objective is to encourage the growth and development of
Tourism industry in my country, which in return, will create more employment
opportunities, increase individuals’ income and alleviate poverty.


in Hungary are well equipped with quality facilities and world-class University
lecturers. Therefore, studying abroad in Hungary at Pannonia University will
provide me with quality education which is valuable, recognized and successful
to my career aspirations. Also, studying abroad in Hungary under the Stipendium
Hungaricum Scholarships is cheaper than studying in Tanzania under self

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believe that my work experience and educational background will meet the
admission criteria for the MA in Tourism Management. For further information
please contact me through e-mail: [email protected] or Mobile: +255 768
732 700.





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