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 I am sure we all are  guilty of paying closer attention to the latest hue of matte lipstick than we do to our lip care regimen.For every girl matte lips are just awesome!  Matte lips always look incredibly beautiful and elegant. And I guess it’s pretty OK to make a bold beauty statement whenever you feel like. I myself is a huge fan of matte lipstick and tried this popular trend several times.But what about the chapped lips!! One of the most difficult things to deal with, and it most certainly doesn’t make your lips appear healthy and well look especially when you apply your favorite shade of matte lipstick.Whether it’s a lipstick or a lip stain, the product will get clumpy and show every imperfection on cracked and dry lips and then we start thinking that we bought a wrong product but that’s not the case, product is correct only the way of application we need to work on.Here’s a tip to help you along the way on your quest to perfectly applying this trend!SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB Exfoliating your lips is crucial if you plan to make this trend your signature style. It might be time to get your hands in the kitchen and make your own. I know that there are millions of lip scrubs available in the world that will exfoliate your lips, but trust me you can get good and even better results with things you have in your own home! WHAT YOU NEED:1 Tablespoon of salt1.5  Tablespoon of sugar1  Tablespoon of olive oil1  Tablespoon of Vaseline or any petroleum jellyYour favorite lip balm(optional)WHAT TO DO:Mix the olive oil, Vaseline and your favorite *lip balm in a small bowl until it is a nice even creamy texture. The lip balm is not really necessary since we have the moisture from the olive oil and the Vaseline but if you’re like me you like making things look pretty and nice smelling then go for it.Add the salt then the sugar. I bet you’re wondering why you add the salt; well believe it or not salt is much finer than most sugars and will give you a better exfoliation… so we add both.Once the texture is rich and grainy you are done! Now just carefully put it in the empty container for multiple uses.This lip scrub has super powers! Not only does it make your lips superrrrrrrrr soft but healthy too!I am completely sold for this DIY lip scrub! A MUST have for all matte lover girlzzz!!!Let me know how it works out for you and if there are any DIY Lip Scrubs you guys make! 

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