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I decided to evaluate a letter that I received from ATT about Group messaging, and communication through text. The message is written a direct approach. ( Cardon, 2013). The letter began with a message detail on what features are available to use. What products are available to use with this product. The message is targeted to a wide range of audience members. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, it gives a wide range of phones and tablets, that will also be of great use with this feature. I like the fact that they named the different products that are compatible with this program, I would describe how compatible this feature is, depending on the product that you have. Give a bit more descriptive detail on each product. Have more detail for the customer. This way everyone understands this feature, no matter the feature or the customer. Everyone would understand how it works. Audience Analysis, thinking about the audience needs and values. ( Cardon, 2013). Yes, the message is positive and have identified any questions or problems. ( Cardon, 2013). Some of the points state: Encourage quick and open response rates. This tell’s me to think positive. Think about all the great responses you will have with feature and tell everyone how great the program is. The best way to write a credible business message is to be as honest as possible about the information and attitude that you convey. ( Gartenstein, 2018).Creating a more effective message, I would show an example of the feature, with each product. Keep in mind everyone doesn’t understand the same way. Explain in a way for young or older customers. With this feature, it states everything that you benefit from with it, No examples to show you how each feature would work. Whoever the recipient is, it is necessary to comply with a formality in conveying the message to achieve the goal of disseminating the message to the recipients. ( Exforsys, 2009)References:  Cardon, P. (2013). Business communication: Developing leaders for a networked world. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Exforsys, ” Business Messages”, 2009Devra Gertenstein, ” How to Write A Credible Business Message”, 2018

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