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Many people do not follow the rules of the low of our country.As a
result, drivers who cause accidents regret on the actions and plead that they
will not repeat their actions. In the first place, drivers know that driving
while drunk is offense and May cause an accident.This is a clear indication,
drivers ignore driving rules consequently break them knowingly.I strongly agree
with this point, drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense.

person should be responsible on the road and know what your limit is. If person
cannot drive safely after being, intoxicated he should not be on the road.
Because he can take someone’s life just because you are being careless and not
even paying any attention to the road. Every person has life only once. For
example, my groupmate Aichurok,she had an accident in six grade. Because of a
drunk driver, now she can not walk properly. Drunk driver made one accident
before this accident.They should be imprisoned on the first offense, because if
they are not caugh they will do it again,like Aichuroks accident.
Therefore,they should be thrown in prison on the first offense. It will make
the roads safer for everybody.

when drunk is dangerous to human life as well as the environment at large.
Surely, there are those people who argue that drunk drivers should not face
imprisonment in their first offense. Such supporters develop different
arguments in order to justify their stand. Such drivers argue that they have
the right to drunk. Although each and every person has the freedom to do what
he wants, but it should also be noted that the actions should not violate
rights of other people. Law prohibits driving when drunk because it may cause
an accident, killing people who are innocent. To avoid such situations, it is
advisable to imprison drivers who drive under alcohol. For instance, I heard
from my neighbor. He said that he does not afraid to diver the car when he.drives
under alcohol. Thus, the law should work for everyone. Accident is caused. Some
people die leaving the families with grief while others are left disabled. On
the other hand, drivers are taken to prison leaving their families with no one
to take care of them. Before thinking of others, drivers should think of their
families before driving when drunk. For example, my sister’s husband worked as
a taxi driver. Last year, he got into an accident because of the fact that he
was drunk. Only he survived, three people died.He was married to my sister one
month before this accident. As a result, he was imprisoned for life. Now he has
a daughter, unfortunately he can never be a father to his daughter…”.(Motoeva

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