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ion if there is one atall, I really am not sure if my education so far has had a purpose maybe by
the end the purpose will come out. So I will tell everything I remember
about the schools I went to I hope if finding out the purpose. I went to
four different elementary schools: Normandy Elementary, some genius school
that I only went to for six months and I can’t remember the name of it,
Harrison Elementary, and Prather Elementary. I went to two middle schools
the first was Coolidge Middle School and then there was Middle School East.

I only went to one high school, Milford High School that was the first time
I went to a school and actually stayed there the whole time. Then I went on
to Quinsigamond Community College and then to MassBay Community College
where I am right now. All of these schools are different they each have
their own way of teaching the students, and some of them are definitely
better than others.

The first school that I went to was Normandy Elementary; I was there from
kindergarten to the fourth grade. Normandy was an almost all African
American school and I felt that I always stuck out quite a bit. I also was
never challenged at Normandy they gave me the easiest stuff and I basically
just shot through all of my classes. I guess that’s why I ended up at the
genius school but when I got there everything just seemed really hard and I
could never fully keep up with the other kids. The teachers at that school
were great and they tried to help me out but I always felt like I wasn’t
good enough for that school and I was right. The reason that the genius
school was too hard for me is because Normandy gave all the kids work that
was below them so that they could coast right through and just get out of
the school without any problems. The good thing about the genius school was
that it had the newest stuff like good computers, new books, teachers that
actually cared, and kids that were nicer. I only stayed at that school for
six months because my parents got divorced and we had to move to a
different state. My next school was Harrison Elementary, I really didn’t
like that school at all. I was going through a rough time and didn’t want
to deal with school at all, but the school did not understand that so I
basically failed almost every subject. I only spent about a year at
Harrison before we move to a different neighborhood and I had to go to
Prather Elementary. Prather had a really strange way of teaching they would
split each subject into four levels with first level being the highest and
fourth level being the lowest. I was always in the fourth level in almost
every class so I was being taught slower than the kids in the higher
levels. I don’t get how teaching a kid slower will help that kid catch up
with everyone else but that’s how the school taught.

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Then I went on to Coolidge Middle School it basically had the same system
as Prather did but we had to go to seven sometimes eight classes a day. It
had it’s differences like the kind of classes they made me take like home
economics, technology, art and music classes along with the usual math,
English and sciences. Coolidge wasn’t that good of a school because it was
very overcrowded over a thousand kids went to that school and I heard that
more are going now. The teachers barely had time for you because there were
over thirty something kids in the class and we never had enough books we
always had to share with another kid. I only spent about six months at
Coolidge till I had to move to Massachusetts and Middle School East. Middle
School East was a lot tougher than any of my other schools, the kids were
way ahead of me in almost every subject and I felt a little stupid. The
school itself was a lot nicer than my other schools it had some better
teachers, books, and just better ways of teaching. I only spent six months
at Middle School East before I had to go off to high school.

Milford High School reminded me a bit of my first middle school or at least
that’s what I thought at first. In high school we had say over what classes
we took but we did have to follow the recommendations of our guidance
counsuelers before with could take the classes we wanted. I got to take
some classes that interesyed me like Psychology, Zoology, Video Production,
and Chorale which is all singing, but I still had to take the boring stuff
like English, Math, some of the sciences, and gym. In English class I was
forced to read books that I never would read on my own like Animal Farm,
Macbeth, The Glass Menangeriae, Moby Dick, and a bunch of other books. The
teachers saud that these books would help me learn about the world and also
improve my vocabulary not like the books that I read on my own which they
didn’t like me reading. Well I actually graduated from high school and then
I had to go onto college so I went to two different community colleges
because I couldn’t get into any four-year schools.

The first college I went to was Quinsigamond Community College, I did not
like this school it was not orientated towards evening students. I could
never get any help there because all of the offices shut down before five
and I didn’t usually get to school till six a clock at night. I only went
to Quinsigamond for one semester, then I went to MassBay Community College
where I am today. MassBay is a pretty good school, it has services that
night school students can access, the teachers seem like they actually
care, and I can finally get up to date books. Since I haven’t chosen a
major yet I can take courses that interest me till I find a major that I
like and will complemet my strengths.

I think the purpose of my education has been to teach me things that I
may not have learned on my own and to prepare me for the next phase of my
life. In grade school the purpose was to teach me the basic stuff that
everyone needs to know. The purpose of middle school was to expand on what
I learned in grade school and to prepare me for high school. I guess the
purpose of high school was to prepare me for college, or if I was not going
to college than a job. Finally the purpose of college is to expand on what
you learn in high school, and when you pick your major help you learn the
things that will make you excel in your chosen field. All school probably
have the same basic purpose but who knows I maybe completely wrong about

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