I a student. unfortunatly we have a system

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         I DESERVE MORE THAN JUST TOPPED  I speak about education system from different point  of view- maybe because it is destroying our facinating curious minds. I don’t claim to be expert in education. i am still a student. unfortunatly we have a system that require high grades from students. we are a part of culture and society that appreciate good grades rather than talent and intelligence. we have a destractive system of Grade Point Average (GPA), a label of 1st and top that calculate your intelligence level by  asking you a few questions. ( written or oral ). I still remember the millionworth words of Eleven years old student.                                 Dear teacher you are quiet mistaken about me i worth much more than                                                 just a label of 1st and topped This is a grades focus society. we are more concern with others grades this is what our education system taught us. let’s start with your signature. Before any body can remind you that your GPA does not necessarily correlate with your intelligence, you have to believe it yourself.  So i am going to refer to anonymous you as ” Intelligent”. Unfortunatly we live in a culture that stresses the importance of labels. Part of that is for people to feel safe interacting with others, but another part is to make people feel powerful. Currently your GPA is meaningless to anybody but yourself. Most of the time people care about others grades so they can find out who is ” Inferior ” to them. This act is simply a sign of insecurity and i believe it make them look weak. our education system follow the same old process, years continue to pass, some students graduate, some fail out., some drop out and nothing really changes.  The education system remind me of a dictator that is unwilling to step down. I strongly feel that our methodolgies specially in schools are demolishing creativity. student have lost their capacity of creation simply because the teaching methode does not stimulate innovation and creativity.  The cycle of sitting still, memorizing, testing and getting a job have existed for a long time now and few dared to challenge it.  I understand that memorizing is the fatest way to get good grades, get into a good collage, and get a job ( which equate with a good life ). We are being educated for the promise of money.              We learn that being “good” means sitting still and nodding yes, while being “bad”                   means attempting to do things differntly.How do we expect a students to be creative if the teachers give them the outline, the title, and the structure of their  “Creative writing assignments?” We give a students model answers to memorize, we give a specific title to write  a poem about, and we truly give them everything but the freedom to express their ideas.Education isn’t about facts being stored in our minds so that we can get tested on them. Education is the beauty to nurture creativity, to fuel curiosity and to create a well rounded person.Creativity is not a test to take, a skill to learn , a program to develop. Creativity is seeing the things in a new ways, breaking berriers that stood in front of you for sometime. Creativity is the art hearing a song that has never been written or seeing a work of art on empty canvas.Email: [email protected]

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