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I was born in Malegaon, a city known for a terror attack yet peaceful and holds a true value of Indian cultural diversity. Ethical values and sense of responsibility has been inculcated in me right from the childhood as a result of living in a joint family. This in turn has been a huge support for me all along as it has helped me to deal with certain decisions pragmatically be it University level events which I conducted or meetings with higher associates of HSBC pertaining to critical situations. My dad is a businessman and he wanted me to drive my own life. With the purpose of better education and development, I came to Pune for schooling.  Leaving home at very young age of 12 gave me an opportunity to deal with people, create and maintain relations on my own, taking my own decisions by self-judgement has made me an independent human.

For graduation, I moved to Sangli. Is secured a seat in Walchand College of Engineering(WCE), Sangli to purse BTech in Electronics. Participation in College Festivals helped me to realize my interest in event management. While serving as President of Electronics Engineers Students Association(ELESA), Departmental club of WCE, I lead a team of 40 students for conducting Technical Fest ‘Electrovert’ in which more than 800 students participated from different engineering colleges across Maharashtra. Under my leadership, team conducted technical workshops in different engineering colleges and we undertook various club activities. I also served as Joint Secretary and Secretary of ELESA. This has given me exposure to people management, resource management and teamwork. I learned how to plan and execute event, manage people, negotiate with stakeholders and in particular, how to think on one’s feet when faced with a problem.  Organizing multiple events has helped me to realize that I’m constantly motivated by challenges and satisfaction that comes by achieving them.

Along with being involved in extracurricular activities, I continued to do well in academics and maintained my position in the top 10% of students of the class. With good academic records and skill set, I bagged highest number placement offers from my batch. I joined HSBC after completing my graduation. Right from the training to yearly reviews, I was always rewarded with top performance. My hard work and enthusiasm made me stand out among other team members. With good people skills and with a sense of diplomacy, I learned how to get the team out of trouble. Due to my good performance, I was entrusted with more responsibilities. Along with daily deliverables, I was a part of an automation team where we found out areas of improvement and created tools which helped in better utilization of time and to cut down cost. I was entrusted with a responsibility of building a new environment and got the chance to lead a team of 5 people.

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While working in HSBC, I discovered my interest towards banking sector. Dynamic changes happening in this sector always attracted me. Further, the projects i was engaged during my tenure at HSBC helped me get more insights into the sector and its working. The interest that I developed during my tenure with HSBC lead me to take the decision of pursuing MBA and pursue career in the banking sector. The company turned out to be a world in itself. The work and exposure that I have received here has widened my domain of thinking and helped me acknowledge the things that are of cardinal importance to my professional career.

In the short term, I see myself as skilled and a person with great responsibility in my organization where I wish to absorb as much of the knowledge required to successfully give justice to the role I am into. I want to work in corporate banking roles and then explore the M&A side of banking sector. In the long term, after taking a good experience from the banking firms I look forward to enter into banking consultant space. I want to pursue master’s education in business administration, which will help in building necessary skills required to achieve my goal.

X is a place that nurtures intense and generous commitments and endless intellectual capacities and holistic perspective. It has produced leaders for world business and government. Also, X has a curriculum which is comparable to the best in the world. Being located in Capital of India, Delhi, it provides exposure to the growing industry. Also, in today’s world a person’s alma mater plays a huge role in the direction one’s career takes, having witnessed it first hand in my current organization, X is one of the premier B-school of the world, will add credibility to my skills in this respect.


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