Hunting hunting from now on. These two entail

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is a very multidimensional issue which encompasses many different
ways to kill wild animals. Because some forms of hunting are much
more problematic than others, I will be excluding poaching and trophy
hunting; poaching because it is illegal in every part of the world,
and it entails trespassing, typically onto protected land, to hunt
endangered animals, which is misuse of hunting, and does not
represent the justness of hunting itself. I’ve excluded trophy
hunting because it does not make use of the death of the animal, it
is merely killed for fun and to keep the animal’s “heads, hides or
pelts”, or even its entire taxidermied body as a trophy, which is
absolutely unethical as it leaves the rest of the animal, including
all of it’s meat, to rot. This leaves only food game hunting and meat
hunting left, which I will refer to as just hunting from now on.
These two entail hunting specified animals with the intention of
using their meat, and abiding by set regulations on the bag limit
(The maximum number of animals of a certain species one hunter have
at a time), the time of year, and location which the hunting occurs.

opponents of hunting state that it causes undue harm to animals. This
is false. Assuming that animals suffer more when killed via hunting
rather than other natural means, it still provides food and clothing
for those that need it most, specifically in rural areas where other
foods are either unhealthy, unattainable, or end up causing even more
harm to animals. For certain remote parts of Alaska and Canada, in
the long winter there is a lack of vegetables, and most store bought
foods are either extremely taxed from import fees, or are extremely
processed and harvested from abused farm animals. That is why the
vast majority of families in these locations chose to go out and
hunt, and yield tens of pounds of fresh meat and an entire hide,
which can feed and cloth their family for a month at least. The
alleged “undue harm to animals”, if assumed true, is still
completely just as the consequences of this action are good and
outweigh the death of one animal life and produces the greatest
amount of utility. Thus, through the lens of utilitarianism, hunting
is absolutely justified.

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