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consider themselves unique so they’ve rooted their whole theory of existence on
their own uniqueness. One is their unit of measure, but it’s not. All social
systems we’ve put into place are a mere sketch. One plus one equals two. That’s
all we’ve learned, but one plus one has never equaled two. There are, in fact,
no numbers or no letters. We’ve codified our existence to bring it down to
human size to make it comprehensible. We’ve created a scale so that we can
forget its unfathomable scale. Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives
proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist. Time gives
legitimacy to it’s existence.

was given to us a billion years ago, what have we done with it?” – Lucy (2014

all-of-a sudden instantaneous break from extreme levels of anxiety and stress
led to my first major “wow” moment in my life. Exceedingly out of nowhere, my
brain processes are suddenly overtaken by an electromagnetic explosion of
informational assimilation and exchange. Well I think it’s not pretty out of
nowhere, Oomen et al. (2010) earlier had reported findings which show evidences
that innately acquired exposure to ‘severe stress conditions enhance
hippocampal synaptic plasticity and emotional learning under high-stress
conditions but also hinders spatial learning and neurogenesis in adulthood’. My
research-based experience and reviewed attention to social detail further into a
parameter dependent etiological examination of Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASDs)
which also includes coupled gradients in sociological change, developmental
issues and psychological stress. All this winding-up of occupational methods in
drug counseling and behavioral childcare management, along with other
aggravated interests in psychology, cognitive sciences and anthropology led to
a perceptual ‘black hole’ of Autism and other extreme neuroscience curiosities
like Dissociative Identity Disorders(DIDs).

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Although independent research was not required academically for college
psychology courses, I chose to pursuance of biotechnology only as the majors in
my graduation. After great ‘information exchange’ pointing about the central
nervous system and autism, and the connections among them, with my colleague
Ms. Harpreet Kaur (my active research participant) she said, “Hey I am pretty
not sure where your brain is actually heading towards, but I myself trust it
will get us to those possibilities where we need to go; sounds like you are
about to enter a fun adventure!”. I am finally free to explore my research interests
without limitations or restraints as within the coming 5 months I would have
already completed my graduation degree. Talking about my reviewed articles and
research papers, It was not actually long ago until I stumbled upon the
influential and inspiring work of Anna Strunecka (2010); whose research on use
of natural and synthetic glucocorticoids for treatment of ASDs and the central
nervous system had a mind-blowing influence on my first research-analysis, the evolution
of Autism Spectrum Disorders and potential role of cortisol levels regulation
in autistic individuals. I am applying to UTRIP-2018 under your mentorship and
guidance with intent to verify and expand upon my developing research interests
in neuroscience and cognitive sciences. As a graduate student, I have greatly
benefitted from collaboration with several professors on various research
projects, one of them being Cytokinin-mediated leaf senescence of Wheat. As far
as research experience is considered, I have been an active participant in
CSIR-CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Council of
Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India) Summer Training
Program 2017, wherein I had a practical exposure of molecular biology and
cellular biology techniques. Ideally, practical knowledge of such an alarming
research internship program will entail within me, the same collaborative
effort of professional expertise. The opportunity to learn from such
high-intellect professor like you, would advance my understanding of Autism and
foster my emerging interest in Alzheimer’s disease.

year itself I find myself in a difficult scenario and a transitional period
between my undergraduate and post graduate studies. As far as my preference is
concerned I have preferred to directly continue post graduate studies right
after I complete undergraduate one from my home university in India. Choosing
for the destination for my post graduate studies, I completely and passionately
desire to be a part of Graduate School of Science under the Department of
Biological Sciences for a Master’s program in Molecular Biology, which would be
a great platform to enunciate my knowledge and gain a higher perspective of
such from the professors therein under the Division of Advanced Biosciences.
This Master’s degree program looms large in my mind, largely because of its
outstanding faculty and inter-disciplinary approach to the emerging technology
within biosciences. In my own quest for a suitable graduate program, I was
thrilled to learn that Prof. Kazuo Tatebayashi and Prof. Mutsuhiro Takekawa
both are working of aspects of Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) Kinases, their
signaling pathways and the consequent effects on Cancer, other than this also
includes Stochastic simulation of Stress Granules, the spatio-temporal dynamics
and mechanism of Stress Granules assembly, the temporal pattern of stimulation
determines the extent and duration of MAPK activation in a Caenorhabditis elegans sensory neuron. All of this colossal
extent of knowledge and information that such intellectual professors are
working upon is one of the major concerns towards development of neuroscience
in modern advanced biosciences and the underlying benefits of such, which are
yet to be un-earthed and levied upon the benefit of entire human race. I would
just want to be a learning mind among the greatest minds working upon these
particular aspects of science study and prove to them with all the extent of my
knowledge and imagination gained until now and more to be, for conceptualizing
the unfathomable from the fathomable scale.

My journey into the very ideological constructs of stress, learning, intellect,
memory and aggression led to a self-discovery of provenance in Human
Intelligence and the underlying brain networks, including the most
differentiated elements of brain, the ‘Gyri and Sulci’. I examined my lifetime history
of above average aggression behaviors and demonstrated acquired ability to sustain
within my surrounding environments despite any negative or disadvantageous
conditions and then finally compared my experience to my collective family
experience and genealogy. It is still difficult to comprehend why
neurodiversity and critical thinking has not been embraced by academia all over
the world. I look forward to blending my adventurous experiences into my future
and fulfillment of my life goals, as I continue to integrate the process into a
meaningful and useful whole. You know… if we think about the very nature of
life I mean, on the very beginning, the development of the first cell divided
into two cells- which is, the sole purpose of life has always been to pass on
what was learned. There was no higher purpose than this, as such. So, if
someone asks me what I would do with all the knowledge that I am accumulating
and would be throughout my entire life, I would just say… Pass it on.

and with the help of the ‘Human Brain’, I would sum up as follows: –

was given to us a billion years ago, now we know what to do with it.”- Lucy
(2014 movie).



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