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Humans are not the only creatures on this planet who enjoy a nice
massage now and then. Even our furry friends know the meaning of
relaxation. It might surprise you but giving a massage to your cat can
yield certain benefits for you and your feline companion. Most
importantly, giving a massage to your cat won’t even feel like a chore
because you can easily implement it while petting Whiskers or just
during watching TV. The possibilities are endless folks, so if you are
still unsure about it I’m going to make a few points that will make you
more open to the idea. #1 – Tranquility (Zen Magic) Let’s
say you’ve had a hard day at work, you are feeling drained, tired,
exhausted even. You just want to relax and forget all about it. On top
of that, you’ve noticed that Whiskers has been a little cranky lately.
Luckily for both of you, there is a way to reduce the daily stress with
one simple notion – massage. It is widely known that massages offer huge
physical and mental benefits because physical contact greatly reduces
anxiety and stress. Moreover, you and your cat will form a deeper bond
through mutual relaxation. Think of it both as an emotional and physical
healing. #2 – Better Circulation Muscle stimulation
greatly improves the blood flow in the body because the oxygen can
easily reach damaged tissues and heal them quicker. It doesn’t matter if
the wound is external or internal, more blood and oxygen flow means
more comfortable healing. Massages are a proven technique for increasing
the body’s blood circulation. And that’s not all, massages can also
help relieve high blood pressure, lower the heart rate, reduce muscle
spasms and get rid of toxic materials such as lactic acid. #3 – Bonding is key I’ve
never met a cat lover who doesn’t enjoy petting their cat. This is when
a massage session comes to mind. Think about it, the more physical
interaction you have with your feline companion the stronger the bond
between you two will be. Sure, cats are considered to be more
independent from humans but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are
better off without attention. Making your cat feel secure and
comfortable yields a huge importance – that why, devoting a portion of
your day towards massaging your cat can greatly improve your
relationship. And Whiskers will thank you for it. #4 Disease Prevention Key
to disease prevention is early detection. Many diseases are invisible
and sometimes you can’t rely only on your eyes and since cats can’t
actually talk this is when your sense of touch springs into action.
Being familiar with your cat’s body is very important. Be mindful and
take notes while you massage your feline, the moment you notice
something is out of place be sure to discuss it with our local
veterinarian – they will help determine the issue. #5 Health Benefits Massaging
your cat can give you health benefits you can’t even imagine – lower
blood pressure, decreased stress and even happier mood can be achieved
without taking any medical supplements. As a matter of fact, it
is scientifically proven that petting animals can reduce the risk of
various mental and physical illnesses in humans. That’s why therapy
animals exist. And if you can’t afford a trained therapy animal you can
always rely on your feline companion, they help us as much as we help

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