Humanitarianism funds to assist people with AIDs.

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Humanitarianism is the promotion of human welfare issues, with the addition of celebrities it becomes a stronger public represented matter. The involvement of celebrities in humanitarian work positively benefit the serious issues that occur. Celebrities devote their time and effort to promote their own charities, publicly represent and impact social issues. They raise substantial amounts of funds to their own charity and increasingly raise awareness on the devastating social issues. Two foundation owning celebrities, Elton John and Bill Gates are prime examples of celebrities being positively involved with humanitarian work.

Celebrities devote large amounts of time and effort to promote social issues that have a personal attachment to them. Elton John is widely known for his music talents, but John is a passionate humanitarian who has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to his Aids Foundation. (Elton John Biography, 2017) John has been recently recognised for his outstanding efforts by receiving the Harvard Foundation’s Peter J Gomes Humanitarian Award. (Walsh, 2017) The award acknowledges John’s humanitarian works on a wide range of causes but most importantly acknowledged his efforts to support people struggling HIVs. To add to the musician’s award collection, he received the Harvard School of Public Health’s AIDs initiative in 2013 and received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his works in 1998. (Elton John Biography, 2017) John has represented himself as a proud ambassador for HIV awareness and has outspokenly stated that he has lost friends to AIDs and regrets not doing more to help the cause. ((Harvard honours Elton John for efforts to fight HIV, AIDS, 2017) The personal impact the disease has had on John’s life enabled him to be a positive celebrity humanitarian but also, he has been a role model and leader to fight the battle against HIVs. Sir Elton John uses his popularity status as a boost to promote his foundation to raise awareness and donations to the devastating issue.

The disease of HIV has medically affected 36,7 million worldwide (Global Statistics, 2017) but has also affected the families and friends of the affected victims. This was the case for Elton John as he was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol and put himself at high risk of contracting HIV by his behaviour. John has lost two close friends, Freddie Mercury and Rock Hudson due to HIV and like them John states he should be dead with them. (Boseley, 2012) John started his foundation because to help people with HIV and now the aspiration is to raise awareness and funds to assist people with AIDs. Budabin from the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International affairs claims, ‘Celebrates are welcome figures in humanitarianism; educating the public on global issues, raising funds and using their populist appeal to draw attention to policy-making arenas’. (Budabin, 2014) The statement from the author is an accurate representation of Elton John, he is educating the public on the issue of HIVs, his foundation has raised more than $225 million to support people with AIDs. (Charities – Elton John, 2018) The ongoing controversial debate that discusses whether celebrities should be involved with humanitarian works, is discussed based on individual celebrities and their contributions they make. Elton John can be clearly analysed as a positive celebrity who is involved with humanitarian works as he has had personal link to the HIVs which can be seen in appendices.  

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The graph theory in appendix A is comparing the foundations and causes supported by Elton John. A graph theory is a mathematical theory that is structured to compare the connection of two topics. The graph displays that John is passionately focused on AIDs/HIV, health and children, that are can be linked to each other in relation to the main cause promoted by John which is HIVs. The points outlined above show that John is aiming to provide awareness on HIVs and can be linked to graph that shows he supports health within children. Furthermore, John is aiming to spread awareness on HIVs, so it does not affect the health of children and even adults. Finally, the graph can clearly show the focus of John as he is driven to spread awareness on the issues discussed. In comparison to Elton John there are other positive celebrity humanitarians working to make a difference on the social issues which affect millions.

Bill gates is the second celebrity to be analysed as a positive humanitarian who is striving to make a difference on a much different social issue. Bill and Melinda co-founded their charity that works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing countries, the strive on improving people’s health and giving them the rightful opportunity to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. (GFO,2017) Gate’s foundation supports organisations already placed in developing countries and sends resources and tools from the funds they raise to assist the development. The amount of time and effort from Gates and his support network that goes into their foundation to help wellbeing of others is extraordinary. The foundations claims, ‘Every year, millions of people find ways to transition out of poverty, by adopting new farming technologies, investing in new business opportunities or finding new jobs’. (Financial Services for the Poor, 2016) The foundation provides developing areas with the tools and equipment to allow the people of the country to grow and live their own way. Gates and his wife already know that they are fortunate enough on this earth with their wealth and want to give back to the communities and countries that need the support. Gates believes that poverty can be ended by at least 2030 only if people worldwide are able to work together to fight the infectious diseases that hit the world’s poorest. Gates further states, ‘We are confident that this not only possible, but that we will see major breakthroughs along the way, which will provide unprecedented opportunities to people in poor countries’. (Bort, 2016) By eliminating poverty it can lead to the extinction of other worldwide issues such as, migration and terrorism. Bill Gates has the popularity to make a difference with the support base of others the social issues discussed can be reduced and awareness can be made.

The impact Bill Gate has had on poverty is surprisingly unknown as he has made countless donations to fund the issue and spread awareness through his foundation. Gates knows he is well taken care of in terms of clothes and food and money has no use to him beyond a certain point. Gates wants to use his money to give back to the people in developing countries and build organisations to get resources to the struggling countries. Bunting from the Guardian states, ‘Celebrities are regarded as crucial tools to raise unpopular issue over the past 25 years’ (Bunting, 2014) Gates personally, has already given $28 billion to eliminate diseases and improve global health in developing countries. (Tweedie, 2013) Gates should not be considered a celebrity trying to promote himself on the public stage for personal growth, his goal is to spread awareness and use his earnings to help those who are less fortunate. To distinguish the horrible social issue of poverty and the surrounding diseases and causes, Gates is determined trying to get societies involvement to help others and can use his celebrity reputation as boost to gain the attention of the public. The Microsoft owner balances his time between his company and his foundation, to maximise awareness on the social issue of poverty. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a wealthy organisation successfully assisting in the aid of bringing developing countries out of poverty. Bill Gates is positive example of a celebrity humanitarian who believes that those who are unfortunate in the world deserve to live an enjoyable life.

Celebrities are a vital component to the contribution of humanitarian work around the world. The celebrities analysed can be clearly seen as positive role models when acting on the issues discussed. Elton John and Bill Gates effectively promote their foundation to assist with improvement of social issues and both can be perceived as raising great amounts of funds to benefit the people or organisations who require it. Finally, celebrities should be involved in humanitarian works as they are represent 

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