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Human nowadays are very
competitive with the flow of technology in a sense that everything they do
underlies with use of technology. There is no way we can stop the growth of
technology today. Technologies lead many to more comfortable and easy life. The
use of computers and high technological devices has become an important
instructional support to human. Hundreds of different diseases
exist, each has its own particular set of symptoms and signs, clues that enable
a physician to diagnose the problem. For most people
in the world, the greatest environmental health threat continues to be
pathogenic (disease- causing) organisms. Although much of our attention is
focused on toxic synthetic chemicals, we also should be aware of the biological
hazards to which we are exposed. In the less developed countries, where nearly
80 percent of the world populations live, infectious agents, parasites and
nutritional deficiencies still are the main cause of morbidity (illness) and
mortality (death).1

 Bacterial diseases include any type of illness or disease
caused by bacteria, a type of microbe. Microbes are tiny organisms that cannot
be seen without a microscope and include viruses, fungi, and some parasites as
well as bacteria. The vast majority of bacteria do not cause disease, and many
bacteria are actually helpful and even necessary to good health. Millions of
bacteria normally live on the skin and in the intestines and can also be found
on the genitalia. Bacterial diseases result when the harmful bacteria get into
an area of the body that is normally sterile, such as the bladder, or when they
crowd out the helpful bacteria in places such as the intestines.2

Because of the
problem arouse the researchers aim to develop  an Android Based Symptom Analyzer of Locally
Common Bacterial Diseases, a study wherein 10 common bacterial diseases in Centro
Poblacion, Polangui Albay will be analyzed and identified together with their
symptoms. Symptom Analyzer puts the world’s
medical knowledge at your fingertips and enables you to make sense of your
symptoms. This will help you to understand your symptoms better. This study
applies the innovative symptom analyzer that will help you to find out what may
be going on with your health. Symptom Analyzer uses a personalized and
intelligent health check-up to determine what conditions you may have. Symptom Analyzer generally asks the user a series of
questions about their symptoms. The ADA is personal health companion app
designed by a dedicated team of doctors and computer scientists. Developed by over 100 doctors & scientists, Ada knows
thousands of symptoms and conditions, from a common cold to rare diseases. ADA
is an application worldwide, the researchers based this study but it is only focus
in local area of Polangui Albay. The difference of ADA from Symptom Analyzer is
it has a homegrown treatment to display the herbal
medicines that you may apply as a first aid. Tagalog-English
will be the language to be used in asking some series of question for the
better understanding of the user.

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